Hong Kong Protesters Mark 9/11 In THIS Amazing Way

Written by Wes Walker on September 12, 2019

There is a special place for America in the hearts and minds of the protesters in Hong Kong. And why wouldn’t there be? The freedom they have enjoyed thus far holds no place in China’s vision for their future.

Those protesters long for the kinds of freedom we in the West so often take for granted.

They have waved OUR flag.

They have sung OUR anthem.

It’s OUR vision of freedom that they wish to claim and retain as their own.

OUR ‘inalienable rights’.

They long for free speech, freedom of association. They have even held up signs supporting the Second Amendment… the freedom to keep and bear arms!

It should come as no surprise, then, that they were well aware of the significance of September 11. But what might surprise us ALL was the amazing way they marked that day with a solemnity that would shame even certain members of Congress here in America.

“In solidarity against terrorism, all forms of protest in Hong Kong will be suspended on Sept. 11, apart from potential singing and chanting,” they said in a statement.

They also denounced a Chinese state newspaper which reported that the protests were planning “massive terror” in the semi-autonomous city.

“Anti-government fanatics are planning massive terror attacks, including blowing up gas pipes, in Hong Kong on September 11,” the Hong Kong edition of the China Daily said on its Facebook page, with a picture of the airliner attacks on the twin towers in New York.

“We don’t even need to do a fact check to know that this is fake news,” one protester, Michael, 24, told Reuters. “The state media doesn’t care about its credibility. Whenever something they claimed to have heard on WhatsApp or friends’ friends, they will spread it right away.”
Source: The Hill

Did you catch that?

Despite what they would consider an ‘existential struggle’ to preserve their democratic rights from the all-consuming authority of the Chinese State government, they took a day off in solidarity with a country half-way around the world over a tragedy that happened before many of them were even old enough to walk and talk.

If only some of the people we sent to DC had such a high opinion of our great nation.

Maybe Congress’s NEXT ‘fact-finding mission’ should be to visit Hong Kong and discover what it is they love so much about America.

Maybe they’ll learn a new respect for the nation they call home.