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Jim Jordan Wants Answers: What Were The House Oversight Committee Trips To Mexico DOING?

There were two trips to Mexico authorized the House Oversight and Reform Committee during the border detention tours — Jordan wants to know ‘why’?

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the ranking member on the panel, sent a letter to Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) asking for more details on at least two committee staff trips to Mexico in August,

The Ohio representative said in the letter obtained by The Hill that Republican members were not informed of the trips and that he was concerned Democrats were aiming “to delegitimize the administration’s border security efforts and vilify the men and women who protect our border.”

“Although you have the authority to direct Committee staff to travel internationally on official committee business, you have not explained why you authorized this travel into Mexico or what you sought to learn through these trips,” Jordan wrote.

Jordan also referenced a report that mentioned Rep. Veronica Escobar’s (D-Texas) attendance during an Aug. 21 trip to the country, Fox News reported. Escobar is not a member of the Oversight and Reform Committee.
Source: The Hill

Cummings, in reply, claims to have notified Jordan five days earlier.

He also claims to have invited Jordan to join him on the ‘fact-finding’ trip.

His explanation for travel into Mexico was that they wished to see for themselves what conditions those on the Mexican side of the border were waiting in. He said:

“What our staff found there was alarming: the Trump Administration has effectively sealed off the border in El Paso from legal asylum-seekers leaving thousands of people stranded in Mexico,” the letter added.
Source: The Hill

Have they considered applying at an embassy, or a lawful port of entry, instead of enriching the cartels and endangering their daughters by crossing illegally?

This seems like a good time to mention the relative lack of interest in the conditions in some of these Democrats’ home districts. In fact, when the President brought up the condition in Cummings’ own district in Baltimore, he was once again slapped with the tired old slur ‘racist’.

But the facts about that Baltimore ‘scandal’ tell a different story, which the media could have found if only they’d looked for it: WATCH: Here’s What We ALL Missed About Trump’s Baltimore ‘Scandal’ … Someone Tell CNN

Not that they are remotely interested in telling stories that put Trump in a good light. How could the press possibly help rig the 2020 outcome if they limit themselves to simply reporting the facts?

Is it that simple? Open-and-shut? Or is there more to it than that?

And what about the role of Rep Veronica Escobar who isn’t even ON the committee? Do we still need answers there?

News reports (which she denies) accused her of coaching migrants on how to reenter the United States. So her role across the border IS worth learning more about… isn’t it?

Is this a tempest in a teapot, or is Jordon right in defending the interests of the oft-maligned federal employees at ICE and Border Patrol who get kicked around like political footballs whenever it suits the Dems to do so.

She claims the ‘false’ reporting about her role in Mexico has opened her and her staff up to violence. Well, how about what the elected Democrats have been doing in demonizing a mostly-minority government law enforcement department?


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