KA-BOOM: American Jets Send 40-Ton ‘Special Delivery’ To ISIS ‘Hub’ (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on September 12, 2019

They thought they had themselves a slick little ‘transit hub’ for bringing in ISIS fighters from Syria. They were wrong.

How fitting that America drops a devastating payload on ISIS — by AIR no less! — right around the time we’re all remembering the 18th Anniversary of 9/11.

If the jihadis had any hopes of celebrating that occasion, they didn’t live long enough to see the day.

Stealth jets hammered an ‘ISIS-infested’ island in Iraq.

‘Quanus Island’ on the Tigris River, near Mosul served as a ‘transit hub’ for bringing ISIS fighter from Syria into Iraq. That transit hub no longer exists.

Between the US bombing run, and a visit paid by Iraqi special forces, that ISIS base has been effectively and permanently ‘decomissioned’.

Here’s the footage of the bombing.

Colonel Myles B Caggins, spokesman for Operation Joint Resolve, tweeted on Tuesday: ‘Here’s what it looks like when US Air Force F15 and F35 jets drop 36,000 kg of bombs on a Daesh infested island.’

Daesh is a derogatory Arabic term for ISIS.

Troops from the 2nd Iraqi Special Operations Forces Battalion were then sent in to clear the area, which was described as a ‘transit hub’ for ISIS fighters coming from Syria into the Mosul, Makhmour, and Kirkuk regions of Iraq.

Dramatic video of the bombing raid shows the island lit up from end-to-end with explosions that leave virtually no part of it untouched.

Further video taken by Iraqi troops on the ground shows huge plumes of smoke rising into the sky as the island is pounded by explosions.
Source: DailyMail

It’s pretty amazing what kind of precision placement our military can put down on a target, isn’t it?

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