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Russia HACKED The FBI… Guess Who Was POTUS At The Time?

This revelation puts a whole NEW spin on things, doesn’t it?

And it CERTAINLY puts that exchange between Obama and Romney in a different light… even MORE so when you get to the end of the story and we tell you who was FBI director at the time.

Only one short year after Hillary gave Russia that silly red ‘reset button’, and right around the time where ten Russian spies were arrested in THIS debacle…

Just a few days later, ten Russian spies were arrested by the FBI. This untoward incident was not allowed to derail the reset, however. They were not whisked off to a black site for interrogation. No, they were escorted out of the country. They doubtless avoided even a TSA pat-down. — CNS

…something else was happening on the ‘Russia’ front.

Russia had HACKED the FBI in 2010. The ‘full gravity’ of this only became evident to the US side in … 2012. That’s right about the time one Mitt Romney was calling Russia our chief geopolitical rival… and Obama was quipping about 1980’s foreign policy.

We could chalk that up to a another example of his ‘scandal-free’ presidency, I suppose.

In 2016, Obama made a public crackdown on Russia, booting 72 Russians from the country.

The Obama administration’s public rationale for the expulsions and closures — the harshest U.S. diplomatic reprisals taken against Russia in several decades — was to retaliate for Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. But there was another critical, and secret, reason why those locations and diplomats were targeted.

Both compounds, and at least some of the expelled diplomats, played key roles in a brazen Russian counterintelligence operation that stretched from the Bay Area to the heart of the nation’s capital, according to former U.S. officials. The operation, which targeted FBI communications, hampered the bureau’s ability to track Russian spies on U.S. soil at a time of increasing tension with Moscow, forced the FBI and CIA to cease contact with some of their Russian assets, and prompted tighter security procedures at key U.S. national security facilities in the Washington area and elsewhere, according to former U.S. officials. It even raised concerns among some U.S. officials about a Russian mole within the U.S. intelligence community.

These compromises, the full gravity of which became clear to U.S. officials in 2012, gave Russian spies in American cities including Washington, New York and San Francisco key insights into the location of undercover FBI surveillance teams, and likely the actual substance of FBI communications, according to former officials. They provided the Russians opportunities to potentially shake off FBI surveillance and communicate with sensitive human sources, check on remote recording devices and even gather intelligence on their FBI pursuers, the former officials said.
Source: YahooNews

How badly hacked were we?

The FBI’s discovery of these compromises took place on the heels of what many hoped would be a breakthrough between Washington and Moscow — the Obama administration’s 2009 “reset” initiative, which sought to improve U.S.-Russia relations. Despite what seemed to be some initial progress, the reset soon went awry.

That effort compromised the encrypted radio systems used by the FBI’s mobile surveillance teams, which track the movements of Russian spies on American soil, according to more than half a dozen former senior intelligence and national security officials. Around the same time, Russian spies also compromised the FBI teams’ backup communications systems — cellphones outfitted with “push-to-talk” walkie-talkie capabilities. “This was something we took extremely seriously,” said a former senior counterintelligence official.

The Russian operation went beyond tracking the communications devices used by FBI surveillance teams, according to four former senior officials. Working out of secret “listening posts” housed in Russian diplomatic and other government-controlled facilities, the Russians were able to intercept, record and eventually crack the codes to FBI radio communications.

The places that got shut down after the 2016 election were considered listening posts. Why was it possible to compromise them?

A former senior counterintelligence official blamed the compromises on a “hodgepodge of systems” ineffective beyond the line of sight. “The infrastructure that was supposed to be built, they never followed up, or gave us the money for it,” said the former official. “The intelligence community has never gotten an integrated system.”
Source: YahooNews

It just wasn’t a priority under the Obama administration.

(And if they were able to hack the FBI, how much trouble do you suppose they’d really have in compromising a certain somebody’s little unsecured home-brew private server?)

Interestingly enough, that was almost EXACTLY the same time that Hillary was up to her neck in helping Russia set up their own ‘Silicon Valley’, (‘Skolkovo’) and having Millions of related companies dump money into the Clinton Foundation in the process.

Even if it could be proven that these tens of millions of dollars in Clinton Foundation donations by Skolkovo’s key partners played no role in the Clinton State Department’s missing or ignoring obvious red flags about the Russian enterprise, the perception would still be problematic. (Neither the Clinton campaign nor the Clinton Foundation responded to requests for comment.) What is known is that the State Department recruited and facilitated the commitment of billions of American dollars in the creation of a Russian “Silicon Valley” whose technological innovations include Russian hypersonic cruise-missile engines, radar surveillance equipment, and vehicles capable of delivering airborne Russian troops.

A Russian reset, indeed.
Source: ZeroHedge

Obama’s political instincts so far as Foreign policy was concerned were amazingly consistent… as in, ‘it’s amazing how consistently one man can be wrong about so many different things.’

Who was serving as FBI director when America was ‘pantsed’ so badly by Putin and his stooges?

Why, none other than … Robert Mueller. (Who, by legislation, had his position EXTENDED for two years… in 2011!)

Looks like we have finally found some REAL Russian Meddling, Mr. Mueller.

Too bad it happened on YOUR watch.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck