VICIOUS: Swarming Attack And Robbery Leaves Victim Unconscious … Is It A Hate Crime? (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on September 13, 2019

Some of the attackers in this daylight robbery were only thirteen years old. The level of malice in this video is actually pretty shocking.

Closed-circuit footage outside Target Field Plaza in Minneapolis captured a brazen daylight attack.

A major outlet characterized this same group (which may or may not be an organized gang) ‘preying on drunk people’ and robbing them. But, looking at footage that goes back to before the incident began, we have no reason to assume this particular victim had been drinking.

A couple of teens were throwing dice on the street while some others gathered loosely around them. Altogether, there were about eight young guys.

Another man was sitting down nearby, looking at his cellphone.

One of the teens grabbed the phone out of his hand. The owner protested. He was punched in the head. And then all hell broke loose.

Some of the swarming attack happened off camera, but when they returned to the frame, he gets thrown to the ground and is laying flat on his back, either dazed or unconscious.

They take turns jumping into the air and landing on the defenseless man’s abdomen and torse with both feet.

They mimic flashy wrestling moves.

The search his pockets, rob him, and strip him of his clothes, beating him in the head again as he resists being publicly stripped naked.

They continue to rain blows on his head with fists and feet.

Someone smashes a planter over him, hitting his chest and narrowly missing the prone man’s head.

Someone whips him with what looks to be a belt.

A SECOND flower planter smashes to the ground, not far from his head.

While he’s being whipped with that belt, someone else rides over his chest with a bike.

Then on September 6, police recognized one of the suspects from the video and arrested him.

Boris Likuwa Lusmbo, 20, allegedly admitted that it was him in the footage taking part in the violent robbery. He has been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and faces up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Another suspect in the video was identified as Adrian Jamal Cooper. The 25-year-old at first denied playing part in the attack, but later allegedly admitted to hitting the man for calling him a ‘b****,’ and boasted that the victim was ‘not that strong.’

On August 29, police tracked down a third suspect matching one of the attackers seen in the footage. Antonio Kolli Morrow, 21, allegedly told detectives he took the victim’s wallet from another suspect, and then slipping it into his own pocket.

Further examination of the CCTV footage led to another suspect, Jamar Shamar Robinson, 20, who has been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and third-degree riot.

The complaint states Robinson admitted it was him in the video, but denied hitting the victim. He also said he did not steal anything, even though the video showed the 20-year-old striking the victim twice and stuffing something in his pocket.

In all, police arrested 16 suspects believed to be members of a loosely organized gang targeting intoxicated people for their cellphones and wallets.
Source: DailyMail

When people are raised with contempt for other people — and the law — we enter a world where strong people (and groups) prey on weak people.

Is this REALLY a world we’re willing to leave for our children?