WATCH: Aussie PM Has Better Things To Say About America’s Place In The World Than Most Democrats

Written by Wes Walker on September 20, 2019

Isn’t it nice to hear about someone who DOESN’T hate America talking about our role in the world? The Aussie PM Scott Morrison even ADMIRES us!

Aussie PM’s remarks begin at about the 7-minute mark on the video. Trump’s, in which he sings the praises of our historic relationship with Australia, began before that, at about the one minute mark.

As you watch this, ask yourself who has a higher opinion of America… Prime Minister Scott Morrison or Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Squad and their flunkies in the leftist media.

PM Morrison was elected in May of this year, and took office only a month ago has come to the White House on an official State visit.

He recounted the building of the canal, the success in WWII, the imagination of Walt Disney, travel to the moon, the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the creation of the internet… and said that “America reminds the world that ‘it CAN be done’ — how great is America?”

He spoke in glowing terms about our Moral Purpose having made the world a better and more secure place.

Our example, he said, stands as a testament to other nations that want to lift their economies out of poverty and into prosperity.

From there he went on to pledge a faithful and continued alliance with our great nation.

When was the last time you heard Democrats or the ‘Mainstream’ media talking about our role in helping lift millions around the world out of poverty?

When did you last hear them speak glowingly of our ‘moral purpose’, or those uniquely American achievements that came because of, not in spite of the foundational principles our oft-maligned Framers set out all those years ago.

It would never occur to PM Morrison to dismiss America as ‘10%’ garbage, like AOC has, or say we were NEVER great like Andrew Cuomo has.

He would never imagine suggesting that America is less able to inspire emotion and admiration than terrorist groups like Ilhan Omar has said on video… with a giggle.

No, to hate America in those terms takes special training. The kind provided by propagandists on the Left, who would be happy to point out everything they hate about America – real or imagined.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Democrats actually liked America at least as much as our international allies do?


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