WATCH: Bill Maher Has A Message For Self-Loathing White Liberals And It’s HILARIOUS!

Written by Wes Walker on September 29, 2019

When he’s not busy pushing petty politics, Bill is still pretty damned funny. He just gave the perpetually offended liberals who reduce absolutely every issue to race a serious horse-whipping.

It’s a setup so seamless, you wonder if his targets even saw it coming. They’re likely so used to him hammering on Republicans, their guard might have been down.

But for those too young to remember it, this was a glimpse of what Bill Maher and his shows USED to look like, before he became a little too comfortable running in the ‘right’ crowds at the right parties.

This IS the same Bill Maher, so naturally, there’s a LANGUAGE WARNING:

But he makes some great points.

“Weird Self-loathing going on among white liberals and it’s not helping anyone.”

“Hating all things white is just tedious and virtue signaling.”

“Every thought needs a disclaimer now…”

And his ‘worst part of white shame’ is epic.

And he has a closing thought is so very ‘on point’.

(Just don’t tell him he is agreeing with Christians and our Bible when he says it. It might totally freak him out.)

Sometimes Bill Maher and his rants are entirely out to lunch. And other times, he’s right on target.


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