WATCH: Hillary Is Now Calling President Trump A ‘Corrupt Human Tornado’ And Says HE Is Obsessed With HER

Written by K. Walker on September 30, 2019

This sounds like a classic case of Projection.

Perhaps Hillary “Bleach Bit” Clinton weighing in on corruption isn’t such a great idea.

She’s joining the loud chorus of Democrats that have been chanting “Not My President.”

I’m old enough to remember when she (eventually) got around to conceding the election and said that the “peaceful transition of power” was not just something enshrined in our constitutional democracy but something that is not just respected but also cherished.

That was all the way back in 2016.

My how things have changed.

Hillary’s moved on from the “basket of deplorables” line against Trump supporters to vilifying the man himself as a “corrupt human tornado” who is an “illegitimate President.”

This doesn’t seem like the smartest move. The “basket of deplorables” has become a term that many Trump supporters have now embraced.

Choosing the “corruption” label for Trump seems to be something that could swing back and hit Hillary pretty hard.

Hillary seems to really like the new line, though.

Screenshot for posterity. (Hillary has a habit of deleting things.)

Why do the Democrats keep trotting her out? She’s about as likable as sea cucumber excrement and much less useful.

If getting dirt on political opponents from foreigners is a problem, then maybe it’s Hillary that should be investigated. She paid foreign nationals to dig up dirt on Trump.

Steve Hilton of Fox News explains that the quid pro quo claim on the Trump Zelensky call is petty ridiculous.

The Democrats can push this narrative to appease their base, but Americans don’t like the idea of impeachment, especially on frivolous, partisan grounds.

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