WATCH: Joe Biden Thinks That Parents Turn On A ‘Record Player’ For The Kids In The Evening

Written by Wes Walker on September 13, 2019

When the topic of education came up, Biden had his canned answer prepped and ready. But maybe he should have checked the expiry date before opening it.

But what do we REALLY expect from a candidate who’s held elected office since the Vietnam War… and only one short year after the moon landing?

As bad as THAT answer was, at least he kept his teeth in his mouth long enough to spit that one out. (Or WHATEVER it was that going wrong in his other answer.)

And, if you notice, ‘record player’ is his ‘corrected’ answer.

Was this a ‘can someone tell me what century it is’ moment? Or is this his super-seekret ploy to lock up the hipsters and their retro hi-fidelity analog stereo systems?

We’re pretty sure most school-age kids are getting their music from something with WIFI, not something that’s HiFi.

Oof. He was dragged quite a bit on social media.

Maybe, if he wins, he will consider choosing the RCA dog as his running mate?

Here he is at another point in the same debate with something weird happening with his teeth.

Looks like Trevor Noah was wrong again:


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