BOLD WITNESS: Kanye Visits Kimmel’s Show… Makes BOLD Proclamation Of Faith

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2019

Name ONE other guest that can be so boldly up-front about his faith in Christ without getting openly mocked by the ‘Leftist Pope’.

Say what you will about Kanye, God is really up to something here, and God just *might* be using people you would least expect to kickstart a pendulum swing that could be the long-awaited answer to prayer.

After all, answers to prayer don’t always take the shape we THINK they will, do they?

In Jesus’ day, they thought they wanted a conquering king to send Rome packing. Instead, God took on a far greater enemy in the powers of sin and death by sending his SON to die in our place.

Not *quite* what God’s faithful were HOPING God would do to rescue his people, was it?

And then he turned loose some tax collectors and fishermen from the back half of nowhere to ‘turn the world upside down’, and then threw in a murderous anti-Christian religious fundamentalist (the Apostle Paul) to round it out.

And now Kanye is speaking with a peculiar boldness that we had long wished that prominent pastors going on TV interviews had the testicular fortitude to share.

And you know this isn’t an act. Look how effortlessly he pivots to the topic of Christ. He’s steeped in what he believes. It’s bubbling right out of him. You can’t teach that, you either live it or you don’t.

For example, there’s a clip of his daughter dancing. Kimmel says ‘you might have a little performer on your hands.’ That’s cool. Then dad starts gushing about how happy it makes him that his daughter WANTS to go to church because it’s such a positive thing for her.

He doesn’t flinch at the idea of announcing he has given his life to Christ or that he works for God like so many would in a hostile environment like a TV studio.

We now have Christian innovation in OUR time.

He knows the art history about the Medici family, and sees his role as a modern echo of that dynamic.

Kimmel hits him with the ‘born again’ question, which carries such negative baggage in Hollywood circles, followed up with ‘would you consider yourself a Christian music artist now?

“I’m a Christian EVERYTHING.”

That really is the Biblical answer, by the way, for those keeping score at home.

What kind of crazy days we’re finding ourselves in, eh?

A billionaire reality-tv playboy is standing before the UN General Assembly and calling for Religious Freedom around the world, and clearing the way for it here at home in our domestic policy, while a billionaire rapper with a wild history of his own is one of the boldest voices making a clear defense of the faith we have in Christ Jesus.

And the year isn’t even over yet!