BOOM! Rep. Lee Zeldin’s EPIC RANT Against The Media(D) ‘Playing Along’ With Adam Schiff Is PERFECTION (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on October 9, 2019

This was a 64 oz can of whoop-ass opened up on the Media(D)!

And it was so utterly satisfying.

In 5 minutes of scathing critique, Congressman Lee Zeldin(R-NY) lambasts the Media(D) for playing along with the McCarthyite games of Rep. Adam Schiff(D-CA) who has been featured prominently on cable news shows for having “evidence” of Trump-Russian collusion. He lied and there was no evidence, but no one in the Media(D) seems to want to call Schiff on that. Instead, they hang on his every word, including the ones he completely fabricates. 

Yesterday morning the Media(D) spoke to the Press and was whining that the State Department is “withholding” evidence into the impeachment inquiry and not allowing Ambassador Sondland to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. He took time to shape his story and was allowed to go on for some time while the Media(D) sat there eating it all up. He then refused to take any questions and left abruptly.

Several GOP members of Congress followed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff and explained that the process he has used to query witnesses has been blatantly partisan and resembles a Kangaroo Court rather than a serious Congressional investigation. Rep. Jim Jordan explains that Schiff has been selective in the portions of the transcript of Ambassador Volker’s testimony that have been released in order to push the impeachment narrative. Schiff has refused to allow the entire transcript to be released.

When the GOP members were asked a question about a “lack of transparency” on the part of the President and State Department, Rep. Zeldin was not having it.

ZELDIN: There’s an argument against transparency? There’s an argument in favor of cherry-picking selective releases of texts. There’s an argument in favor of only telling the American public what is best in the interest of wanting to take down a sitting President. Maybe you should ask what was said inside of Volker’s deposition, during his transcribed interview, with regards to Adam Schiff’s fairy tale quid pro quo charge — that aid from the United States to Ukraine was being linked to an investigation into the Bidens. Why don’t you ask what did Ambassador Volker say about that? That’s a great question. I’m glad that you asked that question. And I’ll tell you the reason why that question was so important for you to ask, is for many things. Because he was in this room for several hours, and during several hours of testimony, he talked about how President Zelensky had no idea that there was a hold on aid at the time of the July 25th call. Ambassador Volker testified about how the readouts of the phone call that was made to him that there was nothing in the readouts of a hold on U.S. aid or a quid pro quo. Or Ambassador Volker testified — this is what the transcribed interview would tell you — if you asked this question, and I’m glad that we’re having this discussion. The next day, Ambassador Volker meets with President Zelensky, and in that meeting there is no reference to a quid pro quo or President Zelensky having any idea that there was a hold on aid. Or over the course of Ambassador Volker’s next several weeks engaging with Ukraine, Ukraine makes no reference to there being a hold on aid or there being a quid pro quo. And by the way, you know what else Ambassador Volker testified to? This entire time, the aid was getting released. It was going to get released. And guess what happened? The aid got released. And you know what didn’t have to happen? There was no new investigation that had to be created. This whole thing is a fairy tale. Adam Schiff is misleading you and you’re playing along with it — many of you are — and the American public is then getting deceived.

Zeldin goes on and tears a strip out of the Media(D).

The whole thing is worth watching, but it’s cued up to Rep. Zeldin’s blistering remarks at the 13:42 mark:

Dang! Zeldin was brutal on the Media(D) for their complicity with the Democrats.

Watching Jim Jordan grinning like a schoolboy as Zeldin took down the Partisan Press a peg or two and Mark Meadows trying to stay professional as Zeldin leveled the boom was pretty epic.

Republicans are getting very fed up with the Democrats and their Media(D) sycophants misleading Americans.

This is why we needed President Trump — to reveal the Democrat duplicity and shake the stupified GOP into standing up against it.

The greatest accomplishment in the Trump administration so far has been to hand the bollocks back to the cowering GOP.

It’s pretty awesome!

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