Dems Weaponizing IRS AGAIN: Demanding NRA Audit & Loss Of Tax-Exempt Status

Written by Wes Walker on October 2, 2019

The Democrats love a big government because it has so MANY useful tools it can wield against their enemies.

With the Barnum and Bailey performances of Shifty and Pelosi lately, together with the Squad in their clown car and the freak show of the Democratic Primaries, poor Chucky Schumer has been left in the political wilderness for what must seem to him like an eternity.

Poor Chuck.

But this October, he will take back the spotlight, and once again see his name in headlines. He is upping his game to be JUST as stupid as the rest of the Democrats. And taking a page from Obama’s script to do it.

He will target his enemies with the IRS.

Schumer is hoping the IRS will strip the tax-exempt status of a powerful Civil Rights organization that represents the Constitutional Rights of millions of members.

Is this push in response to the Left having their powerful smear-merchant ally — SPLC — fall into disrepute, and have their tax-exempt status questioned earlier this year?

“Engaging in systematic defamation is not a tax-exempt purpose,” the senator declared. “While IRS guidance lists several examples of tax-exempt purposes, engaging in defamation as a business model is of course not one of them.”

Cotton alleged that the far-left smear factory engages in defamation through its “hate map,” which “ostensibly identifies hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nation of Islam. But under the guise of its ‘hate map,’ the SPLC also lists its mainstream political opponents and faith-based groups, including reputable organizations such as the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Center for Immigration Studies.”

Indeed, the hate map vastly overstates the number of “hate groups,” both by smearing mainstream organizations like FRC, ADF, and CIS, and by counting every single chapter of an organization as a separate “hate group.” A PJ Media analysis found that there are at most 335 true “hate groups,” despite the SPLC’s claim that there are 1,020. — PJMedia

Or is the simpler explanation that it’s because they hate the NRA for being a bulwark standing opposed to the Left’s overt opposition to the Second Amendment?

A recent report by Wyden’s committee investigators raised questions about some NRA activities and social welfare requirements for its tax exemption, the senators wrote in a letter to IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. The report alleged some NRA members used a 2015 NRA trip to Moscow for their own personal business reasons rather than for tax-exempt purposes. Misuse of tax-exempt funding for private gain would violate tax laws.

“Given this report’s concerning findings and other allegations of potential violations of tax exempt law by the NRA, it is incumbent on the IRS to fully investigate the organization’s activities to determine whether the NRA’s tax exemption should be disallowed,” Schumer and Wyden wrote.
Source: Politico

Fun game Chucky.

Will you be hammering Planned Parenthood next?


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