Impeachment Clown Show Continues But One Democrat Congresswoman Dressed Up As BATGIRL

Written by K. Walker on October 31, 2019

Sure, it’s Halloween, but she’s a grown-a$$ woman who is literally a lawmaker. A little professionalism would be nice.

Also, please, I beg you as a Drama teacher, if you absolutely must don a costume for work on Halloween — make at least a feeble attempt to find a flattering one.

Freshman Congresswoman Katie Porter(D-CA) just didn’t do that.

She decided to wander around the Legislature in an incredibly unflattering Batgirl costume… on the very day that Speaker Pelosi decided to call a full House vote on impeachment.

Yeah, this ain’t the way to do it, Katie.

The National Republican Congressional Committee pointed out the photos along with this spicy post to their website:

Of course, the NRCC was dragged for being “boring” and not understanding the concept of Halloween, but… does anyone else find it weird that a 45-year old lawmaker is wearing a short Batgirl costume on the Hill? As I said, I teach Drama and I find that weird.

She is literally the only person in a costume.

How embarrassing!

Some right-wingers are having a bit of fun with it. She was questioned about whether Alfred receives the minimum wage and that she may have presented a possible funding source for the Green New Deal.

She was so upset that she dropped her drink on the bathroom floor as she tried to hide.

Can you blame her?

She’s walking around the halls of Congress wearing a cheap Batgirl costume with a horrendous mask that looks like she’s got antennae.

Los Angeles Times reporter, Sarah Wire, decided to weigh in and stick up for Rep. Porter… except… she was wrong.

There is both photo and video evidence.

If only she’d known.

Rep. Katie Porter might not be the zero that we wanted, but she’s the zero that Democrats deserve.

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