LMAO: Humorless Left Freaks Out When Trump Retweets Photo Of Hero Dog Getting Medal

Written by Wes Walker on October 31, 2019

How dumb does someone have to be to fact-check a meme? That requires Journalist-Level Stupidity.

It all began when Trump gave us all the photo of the hero dog with the classified name. Badass dog. Baghdadi-bane.

America was thrilled at the idea that such a cute and happy-looking dog was part of the team that helped us take down the head of ISIS like the miserable dirtbag he is.

And, because we are in the age of social media, we celebrated the victory the way we do everything else online… by expressing ourselves in memes.

The Left, as we all know, hates memes. They are too organic and are infinitely shareable. Worse still, they have an annoying habit of busting up carefully constructed narratives.

They not only demonstrated their defective funnybone and that they take themselves too seriously… but they expose their hatred for ANYTHING that frames Trump in a positive light.

Acosta jumped right in on the humorless fact-checking…

But there was plenty more where that came from. Let’s preface it by stating what is perfectly obvious to everyone NOT in the occupation of ‘journalist’.

The Crackerjack journalists (or is it ‘journalists on crack’, it’s hard to tell) over at WaPo tracked down the ‘culprits’ over at Daily Wire and asked the hard journalism-ing questions:

NYTimes, too, tried to find SOME way to generate outrage over it. They tracked down the Medal Of Honor recipient in the original photo, and they asked him for his comment.

Stop and think about just how committed to this story you would have to be to — be angry about a joke photo.

Here’s Boreing’s timeline reacting to the insane ‘journalists’ AFTER the meme blew up the internet.

A little context, since the papers think TRUMP is somehow disrespecting a Medal of Honor Recipient:


Because this is how the internet WORKS, it naturally led to further parody:

Anyone who’s spent any time on social media will have seen SOMEBODY say the following:


Here’s a callback to the Nickleback meme they all freaked out over. You remember that Joe and Hunter Biden golfing with Burisma bigwig photo, don’t you?


Biden had yet another backfire:

It’s not the FIRST time they didn’t get the joke, either.