MAGA: Trump Touts Lowest Unemployment Rate In The History Of The U.S.A.

Written by Wes Walker on October 22, 2019

Promises Kept — Abracadabra!

Remember back in 2016 when a Nobel Prize-winning economist told us that Trump was going to crater the economy? Looks like he was wrong, eh?

Do NOT let the Left forget the dire warnings they gave. Because those people are the ones hoping we will forget how wrong they were so that we don’t question the next line they feed us… like the Trump economy being ‘inevitable’ result of an amazing Obama legacy.

It’s a weird thing to claim after they were telling us for so long that Obama’s craptastic economic numbers are the ‘new normal’, eh?

Now that have hit a new milestone, Democrats are going to have to explain away why it has nothing to do with Trump’s pro-business policies.

Trump did a little crowing over the latest numbers, but really, who could blame him?

After bragging about the steller numbers on both employment and unemployment across a variety of demographics, he introduced a NEW stat into the mix.

Today it was announced that we had the most people working in the history of our country, almost a hundred and sixty million people. How do you beat me in a debate on THOSE numbers, ok, they’re the best…

He makes a great point.

With a record like this one, no WONDER the Dems are so desperate to handicap the POTUS with impeachment.

What possible hope could their sorry crowd have of beatin a President with a record like his in a fair fight? Especially when the other side is promising anti-business policies that couldn’t help but torpedo our economy?

And how does ClashDaily celebrate news like this?

With a little gloating of our own. Here’s the President doing his equivalent of the Babe Ruth called shot:

And wouldn’t you know it… he delivered on that promise, too!