Rep. Adam Schiff BOOTS OUT Rep. Matt Gaetz From Deposition Hearing Of Trump’s Ex-Russian Aide

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2019

Tiny tyrant Adam Schiff is busy showing his true colors. He’s more interested in a Stalinist Show Trial than he is in anything based on Constitutional precedent or due process.

And good little McCarthyite that he is, he’s doubling down yet again.

Not only have they completely changed the game by NOT using a House Vote, placing strict limits on who can and will be present for his Kangaroo Court proceedings.

In previous Impeachment proceedings, we did not have closed-door meetings driven by one party having exclusive power to send out subpoenas and to call witnesses. Legal counsel for the President was not excluded from hearing what was being said about him.

Importantly, in the past, such proceedings were always overseen by the Judicial Committee.

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was asked to leave a Monday deposition with a former top Russia aide to President Donald Trump because he was not on one of the three committees tasked with conducting the interview, the Daily Caller has learned.

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Gaetz he could not be in the deposition room, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Gaetz later told reporters that he was officially asked to leave after consulting with the House Parliamentarian, and referred to the impeachment inquiry against the president as a “sham process.”

The dispute centered over whether Gaetz could attend the proceedings despite not being a member of the three committees — Oversight, Foreign Affairs, and Intelligence — that are in charge of the deposition. Gaetz is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, which has traditionally been involved in impeachment proceedings, a source pointed out to the Caller. Republican members of Congress have criticized Democrats for refusing to hold a formal vote to launch an impeachment inquiry, which would give the minority party more power to subpoena witnesses and documents.
Source: DailyCaller


Schiff has been playing a sketchy political shell game ever since Trump was elected, with selective leaking intended to damage the President politically. He was openly leveraging the Mueller investigation as a way to hurt the President and limit his ability to execute his administrative agenda. He used his privileged access to confidential information to make wildly damaging claims about Trump and Russia that were proven to be untrue by no less than Mueller himself.

He is demonstrably a scumbag, and he’s proving that he has every authoritarian and tyrannical instinct he ever accused Trump of having.

Schiff has come under fire for blatantly lying about his staff’s interactions with the anti-Trump complainant. Although he falsely denied that neither he nor his staff had any interactions with the complainant, his team had actually coordinated with the complainant before the complaint against Trump was even filed.

Schiff has also raised the ire of transparency and open government advocates by selectively leaking incomplete and out-of-context information against Trump while stubbornly refusing to release full transcripts of his depositions of federal officials subpoenaed by his committee.
Source: Federalist

Why the sudden urgency now?

Could it have something to do with what Barr & Co. are in the process of uncovering about how — exactly — the Russian witchhunt began?

That story is due to drop later this month isn’t it… at just about the time that they are trying to make AG Bill Barr look like he is somehow compromised? Surely that’s just a coincidence.


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