Right Or Ridiculous? Trump Releases ‘Democrats Want To Steal The Election’ Video

Written by Wes Walker on October 3, 2019

Trump is fish-slapping the Dems in a video made of nothing but their own words about impeachment… is this the right pushback to their impeachment antics?

The Democrats have been putting this impeachment effort together for some time. They have to have been. It’s the only explanation that explains all the known facts.

When Pelosi was on 60 Minutes, she had to backpedal after admitting her knowledge of the call’s details — before they were publicly known. — What Did Pelosi Know, And When Did She Know It?

And that was NOTHING compared to Schiff’s staggering stupidity. We saw his lame ‘amateur open mic’ bit deliberately misrepresenting the President’s words with a ‘parody’. He tried to portray the conversation as some sort of Capone-Era or ‘Godfather’ Mafia threat. The actual transcript bore no resemblance to Schiff’s ‘creative interpretation’.

Despite him telling us he hadn’t received any early notice of the complaint’s details, he sure behaved as though he had. For example, he sent a staffer to Ukraine to speak with — the former President of Ukraine, who was defeated in an anti-corruption landslide election — and the Sponsor of that trip raised some red flags, too.

Experts looking at the complaint believe the ‘whistleblower’ had the help of a lawyer or legal team in crafting it, with all the footnotes and caveats involved.

And now we’re finally hearing he DID have an early heads-up about the complaint after all… and going to him may well have nullified the Whistleblower protection, and exposed the leaker to legal jeopardy over the leaking of classified information.

The Dems are really gung-ho on this whole impeachment thing. Just how ‘principled’ are they? What were the Dems who were in office during the impeachment of Slick Willy saying? (He was under scrutiny for the very specific allegations of perjury, witness tampering and obstructing justice, wasn’t he?)

They were assuring us that impeachment was a Terrible Horrible NoGood VeryBad Thing… remember?

We’ve got the video, if you don’t quite remember.

Maxine Waters is in there (looking slightly less angry), Bernie Sanders looked basically the same, Nadler (yikes!), Pelosi, and Biden all had something to say, too.

And more recently, Al Green (not the singer) gave his reason why Impeachment was such an urgent priority now.

Trump is a counterpuncher. He has no interest in walking quietly into the box they want to corner him into.

Was this pushback the right strategy? Or is he playing right into their hand?

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