Three Takes On Trump’s Biden Goading Of China And Ukraine — Two Are NOT Impeachable

Written by Wes Walker on October 7, 2019

Most things in Trump’s presidency have more or less become a Rorshach test for anyone watching them.

One of the two innocent explanations is NOT getting much attention. It’s what we, in ClashDaily HQ have been informally calling Trump’s Lightning Rod Strategy.

If you’re on the Left, and already inclined to distrust him, you see no end of evidence to back up the assumptions you arrived with. If you’re on the Right, and inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.

Which brings us to the current dust-up over impeachment.

We have hand-wringers on the left (as well as some supposedly pragmatic personalities on the right with ‘no motive’ other than their great ‘love of the truth’) calling down Hell and Damnation on Trump for his latest outrageous abuse of his office.

Let’s start with the strongest accusations against him first, and review the plausible innocent explanations after.

We have the ‘Trump is evil and destroying the Republic’ angle.

If you’ve watched cable TV or seen anyone on the Left half of Twitter, you’ve seen it.

Here’s one example of a has-been trying to fill Avenatti’s old slot. Hopefully for him, there are fewer skeletons in his closet.

Anyone remember that little mouthy putz in his lifts? He worked for Trump all of five minutes before getting fired. Why? He got played by the media. Not much has changed since.

Mittens Romney is no better. We’ve covered that train wreck.

Schiff & Co are spinning a yarn about how Trump is selling out the country so that he can get re-elected. (Funny how that’s the very same country that has thrown one of their own citizens in JAIL for … helping Hillary in 2016, eh?)

Other Explanations…

The conventional explanation is that Trump calling on other countries to look into this is perfectly within the scope of what he can and should do as President. There is no quid pro quo, countries talk all the time about areas of concern and interest, including on the investigations into criminal crime syndicates.

The Lightning Rod Theory…

There is another explanation for why Trump says some of the outrageous things he says whether in a presser suggesting China should look into Biden, or that he has a ‘bigger button’ than North Korea.

Long before Trump was ever a politician, he was in sales. And a huge part of sales is… marketing.

Marketing, in its simplest form, is the process of getting people who are NOT interested in something you have to offer to suddenly BECOME interested in that thing you have to offer.

More than anything else Trump is a Marketer. As some like to describe him, ‘a shameless self-promoter’. That’s not an unfair characterization.

But what’s that got to do with Ukraine and China?

If anyone has been paying attention to the fine points, Trump is not framing his 2020 opponent as one of the cloud of wannabees on the Left. He is framing his opposition as … the media itself.

The Corrupt News (He’s rebranded them from fake, now, upping the ante, and which conveniently fits the CNN acronym for anyone making any memes about them) is his REAL enemy.

These are the same guys who spent the last 5 months or so NOT talking about Biden’s clip bragging he had a foreign investigator fired.

But now that Guiliani went on Cuomo and had a ‘meltdown’ that everyone and their dog was talking about, they couldn’t help but talk about the CONTENT of that ‘meltdown’ too. And that CONTENT was the Biden story that had been ignored for so long.

His hypothetical (if I were these foreign leaders, I would want to know) schtick underscored that he felt perfectly within his rights to address the topic of Biden’s wrongdoing in the context of foreign government investigations.

But it did something ELSE, too.

It directed the narrative in a direction HE wanted it to go.

When Trump was dealing with North Korea’s saber-rattling, he wrote a tweet about a bigger button. (He brought attention to the fact that OUR weapons work, and his do not.) Suddenly, the media was talking about what a dangerous man this President was, how he was going to send us all into WWIII.

If his OWN COUNTRY believed he would go to war with Korea, is it any wonder Kim blinked and agreed to talks?

He called himself a ‘stable genius’. Weird turn of phrase, but it was in response to people trying to steer the narrative and call him unfit and unstable.

He used that tweet to bring attention to the medical he had just received and how well he scored on the cognitive function test. Better than most people, in fact. He reportedly had a flawless score.

Now, he has taken the conversation from Ukraine, to Biden and Hunter, to Biden / Hunter / Ukraine & USA… and now, the scope has broadened further still to include international interference by Democrats — including some damning reports on Hillary’s messing with the election in 2016… in Ukraine, no less!

The media, who fight like HELL not to report anything damning to Democrats just can’t help themselves.

In their excitement to trounce Trump, they lunge at him. But Trump has a knack for sidestepping the attack and redirecting them at the Democrats, instead.

He doesn’t mind the media attention. He’s willing to be the lightning rod, so long as he can direct where the bolt finally lands.

And it sure did land. It’s too soon to know for sure yet, but he may have knocked Biden clean out of the race.

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