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Trump Connects With His Crowds, While Dems Use People As Props

Brother and sister Americans, we witnessed a new level of president Trump being himself at his remarkable energizing, inspiring and unifying rallies in Minnesota and Louisiana. Democrats have had a lock on connecting with voters emotionally using their fake compassion; cruelly using people as props.

Republicans are sorely lacking in striking an emotional chord with voters. Remember the Dragnet TV show? Detective Friday would say, “Just the facts ma’am.” Republicans typically recite just the facts and figures.

Trump, like no Republican before him, is gifted with the ability to touch voters’ emotions while giving them logic and common sense reinforced with statistical data.

A huge difference between Democrats’ fake compassion and Trump is he is sincere. During his rallies in Minnesota and Louisiana, when Trump brought cops on stage to honor them and when he brought the kid’s baseball team on stage to celebrate them, Trump meant it. Everyone watching those amazingly powerful emotional moments knew Trump’s admiration and affection was real. Trump’s down-to-earth, honest, and straight-talk style is the magic; the secret to his connection; his bond with We the People. This guy is one of us.

Another brilliant thing about Trump’s Minnesota and Louisiana speeches was the way he explained in simple terms what Democrats, the deep state and fake news media are doing to undermine America and his presidency. Trump boldly called them out for their evil anti-American silent coup while interjecting humor, causing his audience to roar with laughter. I say again folks, Republicans never do that. Republicans typically politely say fake news media and Democrats either misspoke or are misinformed. Trump doesn’t sugarcoat it. He pushes back hard, calling them liars. We the People love it!

As I stated, Trump was more Trump at his Minnesota and Louisiana rallies than we have seen. My wife Mary commented that with Democrats and fake news media attempting to use blatant lies to impeach him, Trump must share more of himself with the American people while telling them the truth. Sadly, our remarkably successful president is still pretty much alone, fighting Washington DC corruption, Democrats and fake news media. Only a few Republicans are willing to go to microphones to express support for Trump and his America First agenda. That is shameful.

During Trump’s Minnesota rally, with my remote in hand, I briefly flipped to CNN’s LGBTQ Democrat Presidential Town-hall titled, “Equality in America.”

Talk about deception, whatever Democrats title an event or legislation is always the polar opposite. For example: Democrats’ “Equality Act” is about implementing inequality, especially against Christians. It is an unprecedented attempt to repeal Americans’ Constitutional right to free speech and religious liberty. Our patriot brother, Mat Staver, at Liberty Counsel, is doing an amazing job fighting this deceptively named stealth attack on our freedom.

Why on earth did CNN conclude that there needed to be a special town-hall to discuss LGBTQ issues. People who identify as LGBTQ are a tiny percentage of the population, 3-5%. Statically, a town-hall discussing issues important to dwarfs would have made more sense.

One could not help notice the dramatic contrast between CNN’s LGBTQ town hall and Trump’s Minnesota and Louisiana rallies. The purpose of CNN’s LGBTQ town hall was to sell voters their standard depressing, everyone is a victim and America sucks lies.

In the awesome speeches at his rallies, President Trump talked about keeping our economy booming, the progress made on building the border wall; healthcare and various other issues vital to improving life for Americans and keeping America great. Trump’s audience laughed a lot, felt united and felt good about themselves as Americans. Trump’s audiences went home energized, eager to work to help our president keep America great.

During one of my flips to the CNN LGBTQ Democrat presidential town-hall, Beto O’Rourke said churches must lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage.

In essence, O’Rourke said screw you Christians. If elected president, I will make you betray your God.

When I heard CNN ask the candidates an absurd weird question which combined LGBTQ and climate change, I said, “That’s it, I am out of here. These people are nuts.” CNN and Democrats are clueless regarding which issues truly matter to mainstream Americans. How many sleepless nights have you had pondering the life-threatening connection between LGBTQ and climate change?

To his rally audiences of tens of thousands, Trump exposed Joe Biden’s corruption which Democrats and fake news media are doing everything in their power to hide. President Trump has definitely gone all the way live. Mr President, We the People are with you.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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Lloyd Marcus

The UK Guardian declared prolific writer, singer and songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's most prominent African American; seen on Fox News, CNN and more. Rejecting hyphenating, Marcus is renowned for proclaiming, “I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus AMERICAN!!!” Marcus is Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee PAC. It's mission is to elect conservative candidates across America.