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UH-OH! New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Uses The N-Word On LIVE Radio Broadcast

And get a load of his ‘excuse’ for why it wasn’t actually ‘racist’ when he does it.

Does this guy think he somehow deserves to be given a pass on this?

If this same faux pas would absolutely reduce anyone else’s career to ashes — and in fact, has done exactly that — why should HE be allowed to get away with it?

Until we revisit the rules for EVERYONE, shouldn’t the same rules apply equally to ALL leftists?

Or is he in the same category as TrudeauBlackface and Governor KKK/Blackface/Infanticide Northam who thinks he can get counted as woke because of his party affiliation, and it doesn’t affect how he’s supposed to actually live?

Here’s what happened:

Gov. Cuomo dropped the N-word during a live radio interview Tuesday while quoting an op-ed about the use of slurs against Italian-Americans.

“They used an expression that southern Italians were called, I believe they were saying southern Italians, Sicilians — I’m half Sicilian — were called, quote-unquote and pardon my language, but I’m just quoting the [New York] Times: ‘n****r wops.’ N-word wops, as a derogatory comment,” Cuomo said, saying the inflammatory epithet in its entirety.
Source: NYPost

What would lead him to say something so ridiculous? He was busy trying to dodge a question about his leadership and discrediting the source in the process.

Cuomo was appearing on WAMC radio to talk about the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, according to the New York Post. The host asked Cuomo about a New York Times report that claimed New York government officials were delaying scheduled Medicaid payments in order to hide budget shortfalls.

The governor deflected from the question at hand, instead bringing up another Times article in an attempt to discredit the paper. Cuomo explained that the Times brushed him off when he once claimed “wop” was an anti-immigrant slur against Italian-Americans, only to later use the term in an article about racism.
Source: DailyCaller

So, did he ever answer that question about Medicaid and budget shortfalls? Or did his attempt to skirt the question work?

Which raises another question — how badly must you be running your State if you’d sooner risk a scandal about being called racist than answer a straightforward budget question?

How desperate IS Cuomo to dodge these questions… and why?

We’ve seen someone use a racial lightning rod as a get out of jail card before, haven’t we? Remember when we all suddenly stopped talking about infanticide?


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