WATCH: A REAL Journalist Hits Greta With Tough Q’s About Foreign Election Interference And Dark Money

Written by Wes Walker on October 18, 2019

These are the sort of questions she normally gets shielded from in the carefully curated public appearance where everyone gives her a platform, but nobody gives her any grief.

If she’s pushing a plan to radically change the world we live in — showing up to lead protests in the MIDDLE of a foreign nation’s election — don’t we have the right to ask a few questions about her lobbying?

The Joan Of Arc of the environmental movement has descended upon Western Canada, in Canada’s answer to West Texas. Alberta is an oil-rich energy powerhouse that has been seriously kneecapped by pipeline activists actively blocking oil fro going to market.

As you might have guessed from the Obama tweet that endorsed Justin Trudeau Blackface while leaving Biden out in the cold, we are only a few days away from Canada’s next federal election.

So, why not have a media circus flock to watch Greta lead a protest on one of the critical election issues days before the election.

If we care about foreign election interference as much as we SAY we do, shouldn’t we be bothered when Mother Gaia’s Chosen One does the same thing? What would stop her from doing the same thing here and sidestepping US election finance laws the same way?

Here’s one reporter gutsy enough to break with the pack’s put-her-on-a-pedestal approach, and do some honest-to-goodness reporting.

He even spotted someone along with her that didn’t really seem to belong there. Someone from the BBC. So much for legacy media and their claim of dispassionately reporting the news, eh?

There was a time, not so long ago, where politicians and journalists saw each other as rivals to be beaten in a game of cat-and-mouse, not as co-conspirators some kind of a larger geo-political end-game intent on bypassing the very citizens both groups pretend to serve.

We’ve seen Rebel Media before…

They were one of the few actually reporting on the Tommy Robinson case.

And they were the ones asking Ilhan Omar and the Squad some questions that our own media couldn’t be bothered to ask them… like whether they were prepared to denounce Al Quaeda:

WATCH: If ‘The Squad’ Loves America So VERY Much, Why Can’t They Answer This Simple Question?