WATCH: Antifa Caught Defacing Democrat Office — Will The Press Care NOW?

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2019

And you already know which city this is happening in, don’t you?

If you guessed Portland — you’re right!

The Left — including various CNN personalities, Joe Biden and even Mitt Romney — have assured us that Antifa is ‘anti-fascist’ and it is unfair to characterize them as merely a violent left-wing anarchist group.

By that measurement, we can safely assume that Democrats have been added to the official list of fascists that are ‘legitimate’ targets of violence.

This rounds out the previous list that included Republicans, tourists, journalists other Antifa members, free speech protesters and old ladies crossing the street with walkers.

How can we know that Democrats are fascists now, too? Well, by the left’s own reasoning, naturally. The targets Antifa hits are ‘legitmate’ and motivated by a desire to ‘bash the fash’.

The most recent target they’ve hit is a Democrat office in Portland.

Therefore, it must follow that Democrats are now fascists, too. Right?

The only OTHER possible explanation would be to question the legitimacy of ALL the targets of their violence. And the press doesn’t seem to have an appetite for THAT.

Here’s a music video you could show the press while they contemplate their options.

It does a great job of explaining the fundamental problem with ‘punching nazis’ in a way that even Fredo could understand.


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