WATCH: CNN Allows Sam Donaldson To Call Trump Supporters RACIST With No Pushback

Written by K. Walker on October 14, 2019

CNN is bringing out anyone and everyone that they can to disparage Trump supporters.

Their latest attack has been brought to you by Sam Donaldson, astutely described by one Twitter user as “the Jim Acosta of the Reagan era.”

In case any of you have forgotten, here’s a brief encapsulation of Donaldson’s journalistic career from a 1987 article in the Los Angeles Times.

How aggressive is ABC’s Donaldson? How aggressive was “Jaws”? If you prefer your reporters to be patsies, this is not your man.

Donaldson is the White House press corps’ serrated edge, drawing blood and leaving scars. He is the reporter who seems to ask the sharpest questions at press briefings and shout the loudest questions from afar at orchestrated photo opportunities designed to sweeten Reagan’s image.

He is tough, smart, informed, dogged and blunt. So blunt, in fact, that some of his detractors insist that he is as much commentator as reporter, that he mixes opinion and fact.

TV has made Donaldson America’s most famous reporter. No one else is even close. He is as much a victim of the celebrity that TV bequeathes its news personalities, though, as he is a beneficiary. No matter how objective he may try to be, what he says about a story can overshadow the story because it is Sam Donaldson saying it. He is so well-known and his attitudes so well-publicized that his mere presence on a story puts a twist on it. When a known hit man walks through the door, he doesn’t have to pull his gun to instill fear.

Donaldson was a reporter who was right there for White House press briefings but was also a regular on This Weekend Wth David Brinkley where he regularly gave his opinion. This blurring of reportage and opinion is part of what has caused the problems in the Media(D) today — the merging of the facts with opinion. Of course, that opinion only went one way.

Donaldson the reporter and Donaldson the commentator sometimes appear to merge.

One problem is that only the thinnest of lines separates analysis–which is a legitimate function of reporting–and opinion. In fact, the difference, one mostly of emphasis and tone, may be visible only to those in the profession…

,,,Donaldson the commentator and Donaldson the reporter don’t separate that easily. At least, they don’t in the perceptions of some viewers. You see one, you see the other. You can’t forget that the man covering the White House is the same man you saw in another forum being sharply critical of the White House’s media high jinks, as he was Sunday on the Brinkley show.

Source: L.A. Times Archives

That is Sam Donaldson. Do you think he has changed much in the ensuing decades?

Brian Stelter’s team on Reliable Sources is working hard to make prove that the Media(D) has been biased for a long, long time and they remain so.

Donaldson appeared on Stelter’s show on Sunday to discuss the impeachment of President Nixon and compare that to the current call for the impeachment of President Trump.

During the discussion, he weighed in on Trump supporters and claimed that, although they’re probably good people, they want to return the United States to the “white Christian country” that they believe that it was. He says that people who vote for Trump “don’t want divesity” implying that Trump supporters are racist.

DONALDSON: All the things he says, all the vicious, mean things he says, they love it. There are these people in this country — they’re good Americans otherwise — they’ll probably give you the shirt off their back, they’ll help you if you need, but they have this fixation. They want to return this country to the white Christian country that they believe it should be again. They don’t want the diversity, and they follow him for this, but they’re not the country. We are a diverse people, we are good and strong because of that, and we’re going to come back to that, I assure you.


Really? Just a sweeping statement that can be summarized this way, “Well, those Trump supporters, most of them are really nice folks, but they’re all damned racists, Brian.”

Note that CNN’s “media watchdog” Brian Stelter didn’t push back and ask, “Gee, Sam, maybe calling all Trump supporters racists who want a theocratic ethnostate is a tad too far.”

But, no. Because invoking the imagery of Hitler is fine — encouraged, even.

Any vote for any Republican would get the same criticism. We saw it with the last few Republicans that ran for office, remember “Bushitler”, Romeny was racist, sexist and abused animals, McCain was a war-monger that was compared to George Wallace? I do.

The Media(D) simply despises anyone who doesn’t agree with their political ideology.

So much for the tolerant Left.

How many Trump supporters do you think that Sam Donaldson actually knows? How many do you think that he has spoken to? Has he taken the time to talk to the non-white Trump supporters? Probably not. He’s just spewing more of the left’s talking points that Trump supporters are white and bigoted.

Twitter users also noted that Donaldson likely hasn’t bothered to meet with any Trump supporters in “flyover America.” People were also shocked that he was still alive and has a startling resemblance to the Vulcans on Star Trek.

And that fossil was made famous for bashing the right — and now he’s on CNN. There’s a shocker.

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