WATCH: Elderly Couple Harassed By ANTIFA Speak Out

Written by K. Walker on October 2, 2019

The son of the elderly woman with the walker in the viral video showing her being harassed and shouted at by Antifa goons has posted her response.

David Turkoski, owner and head instructor of a martial arts academy in southern Ontario,  posted the videos of his mother and her husband in the wake of the viral video of Antifa protesters shouting and shoving the elderly couple on Sunday outside of a “Free Speech” event in Hamilton, Ontario.

The event featured popular YouTuber, Dave Rubin, a member of the “Intellectual Dark Web” and Canadian Libertarian politician, Maxime Bernier, who is currently running for Prime Minister.

The police are currently investigating the incident.

“Hamilton police are aware of the incident involving a senior with a walker who was barred from entering the Maxime Bernier event by counter protesters,” Hamilton Police spokesperson David Hennick wrote in an email.

Once police were aware of what was happening, officers intervened and escorted the couple into the venue.

The couple have not filed a complaint, he said, but police are still reviewing video evidence from the event, which could lead to potential charges.

Source: National Post

In case you missed it, here is the video:


A little background on what the event was all about. It was an event organized by Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPoC), and included Dave Rubin, a former leftwing comedian and political commentator who has “left the left” and conducts long-form interviews on his very popular YouTube show, The Rubin Report. Both men are fierce advocates of free speech.

Maxime Bernier’s candidacy for Prime Minister has been controversial because he had been a favorite to lead the Conservative Party but lost on the 13th ballot to current leader Andrew Scheer. Bernier then started his own party, a right-of-center leaning libertarian party, The People’s Party of Canada, and has amassed support from a number of disgruntled right-wingers who feel that the Conservative Party has become a watered-down version of the Liberal Party led by Trudeau.

The People’s Party is not without controversy, however. It has been claimed that Bernier began the party simply because he lost the leadership bid, and the party platform has been criticized as being “racist” for incredibly strict immigration policy. In addition, many are concerned that the People’s Party will split the vote on the right and Justin “Blackface” Trudeau will win re-election. There are many right-wing Canadians are torn on which party to support. The election is on October 20.

With that background, it seems reasonable that a Bernier event with a high-profile name like Rubin would draw a large crowd.

The man in the video explains that he and his wife wanted to “hear what other people were saying.” 

He was pushed by members of Antifa for wanting to hear what a politician and a YouTuber were talking about.

In Canada.

Canada is supposed to be the polite, milquetoast version of the United States. You don’t expect Antifa goons to harass an elderly couple wanting to attend a discussion on Free Speech hosted by a current candidate for Prime Minister on the eve of an election.

Who could imagine that?

The man who endured it hadn’t expected it.

His wife had a very simple message, “Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy and can never and will never be denied.”


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