WATCH: Proof That Hong Kong Protesters Are Better People Than Antifa

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2019

The Antifa crowd harasses senior citizens and assaults reporters. The Hong Kong protesters are a whole different breed.

They had set up a barricade to block a busy street, and a fire truck showed up.

Did they stubbornly stand their ground? Did they insist the fire truck find some other way around?

Nope. They stepped up and behaved like true citizens.

They took quick action. Watch:

In mere moments, the barricade was gone, and they were waving the fire truck through so that they could rush to help whoever was waiting to be rescued.

As soon as the rescuers had been waved through — that’s right, WAVED THROUGH — the barricade went right back up.

How does that compare to the boneheads over here who have been harassing senior citizens, tourists and journalists in the name of their ‘antifascism’?

It’s almost as though these protesters — who are fighting to hold on to whatever freedoms they can be said to have against the hard power of tyrannical China — are more authentically ‘American’ (in the traditional, historical sense) than the miserable malcontents in America who haven’t got a sweet clue just how good they have it in the greatest country on God’s green earth.


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