Atheist Group Protests Kanye West’s Sunday Service Visits To Prison

Written by Wes Walker on November 28, 2019

Well of course they did. Do you know who didn’t? The prisoners he was visiting.

We covered the heartwarming story of Kanye visiting a prison in Houston, and giving his love to the folks on the inside.

Most of us thought it was a great story about remembering exactly the kind of forgotten people we are called to remember in Matthew 25, the verse Democrats (sometimes) like to quote at us.

“I was in prison and you visited me” was something Jesus told his audience in that passage. When they were confused, he answered that whatever you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done it to me.

So naturally, we thought it was classy of Kanye to stop in and show some love to the folks there in Houston. Kanye didn’t even call it a ‘show’, he called it ministry. And if you’ve seen the video clip, those in attendance were deeply moved by it.

Well, we can’t have any of that, now, can we?

In comes Militant Atheism to the ‘rescue’.

While The Freedom from Religion Foundation primarily files lawsuits and does not go into prisons to help prisoners in their journey toward atonement, forgiveness, and reentering society, they took issue with West’s work to actually help people. This is some of the most elitist, entitled, patronizing displays of legal bludgeoning since The Freedom from Religion Foundation took issue with the federal funding of a mentorship program for the children of prisoners.

West made the appearance at the Harris County Jail for a worship service prior to attending televangelist Joel Osteen’s ministry, and repeatedly told the crowd of men in orange jumpsuits that “This is a mission, not a show.” It was that mission that got him in trouble with the atheists, who must think there is some better way to salvation and healing than seeking forgiveness and absolution from a higher power. Perhaps they have a plan to go into prisons and give a concert about how a secular life of consumerist materialism will lead to healing. But probably they don’t.

…The Freedom from Religion Foundation has that much beef with God and faith that they deny a person’s betterment by demanding that only non faith-based intellectual and emotional tools be sanctioned. Their argument is that classic separation of church and state squabble that keeps prayers out of schools, the mention of God off of memorials to fallen soldiers, and money flowing away from programs that actually help people instead of keeping their feet nailed to the same detrimental path that brought them to prison in the first place.

The argument made against West’s mission was that the prisoners are “literally a captive audience—who have a deep and immediate interest in being seen favourably by the jail staff.” The Freedom from Religion Foundation thinks so little of prisoners’ ability to think for themselves that they would rather deny those who want to participate in religious service than believe that those who don’t want to attend will feel coerced to do so.
Source: PostMillennial

For only about the HUNDREDTH time, separation of church and state does NOT mean what they think it means. In fact, while the FEDERAL government didn’t establish a church at the national level, the Framers took no issue with the fact that a number of States had established official State denominations. You’ve heard the word ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’, right? Look up the historical context of that word.

Where does this attitude of aggressive hostility to religious expression lead if left unchecked? Look no farther than these activists’ fellow-travelers in China.

Chinese Christians, Uighurs, and Falen gong would have some very enlightening stories to tell you about just how UN-enlightened the Chinese Communists are toward religious freedom.

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