BLACK FRIDAY INSANITY: Lethal Attacks In London, Hague, And Now A Bomb Scare In Paris

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2019

It’s enough to make someone long for the ‘good old days’ when customers would just beat the crap out of each other over that last TV or must-have toy.

It’s been a busy news day for anyone paying attention to terror attacks.

In the first event, we have two vicitms murdered, and still others slashed with a large knife, in a terrorist incident on London Bridge. In that event, some civilians took the guy to the ground, and cops put him down like a dog when they saw what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his body.

We covered that in more detail, with videos from several angles plus some reactions here: BREAKING: Knife-Weilding Terrorist Shuts Down London Bridge … Shot By Police (Video)

We can now also affirm what was most of us already expected to hear… he was a known terrorist.

According to the Times of London and ITV, the attacker was a convicted terrorist released from jail who was wearing an electronic tracking tag around his ankle at the time of the assault. The Guardian also said he was known to authorities because of his previous conviction. The Washington Post could not independently confirm the reports.

Police said the incident started at Fishmonger’s Hall, which stands beside the entrance to the London Bridge in the City of London. According to the Times of London, the attacker was a guest at a conference on prisoner rehabilitation that was being hosted at the hall by Cambridge University.
Source: MSN

In the Second knife attack, in Hague Netherlands, latest reports indicate three people have been injured. And the attacker is (at the time this is written) still at large:

At least three people were injured in the attack in The Hague, near the town’s historic center, Dutch police said. The suspect is still at large, officials said.

In a statement, Hague police said they were seeking a man aged 45-50 and described him using a Dutch term often applied to people of North African descent.
Source: NYPost

Meanwhile, in Paris, another event on the same day didn’t have any casualties, but it did manage to cause disruption.

That is a mortar round. In a bag. In a train station.

In Paris.