Bring It On: Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Expected To Join Crowded Democrat Primary Race

Written by K. Walker on November 8, 2019

Why not. What’s one more Democrat willing to step up and get a public shellacking from President Trump once the campaign begins?

According to a spokesperson, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York, is expected to file paperwork to get his name on the Democratic primary ballot in Alabama this week. This comes after he had said in March that he wouldn’t run for president in 2020.

Perhaps Bloomberg will make things interesting — after all, he’s a billionaire but he’s also the Nanny-state Democrat whose “Big Gulp Ban” was overturned as unconstitutional and as a prominent man in NYC, he knows President Trump.

Despite preparing to file the paperwork in Alabama, Bloomberg has yet to make a final decision on a run, the spokesman added.

Bloomberg’s possible entrance comes as former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign struggles to break out of the Democratic field and as Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a liberal lawmaker who has railed against billionaires like Bloomberg, rises in the Democratic primary campaign. A possible Bloomberg bid would be sure to dramatically shake up the Democratic primary process.

The reason Bloomberg is filing in Alabama is strictly because of the state’s early filing deadline. Despite it not being an early nominating state — Alabamans will pick their Democratic nominee on March 3 — the state has a filing deadline on Friday.

It seems that Bloomberg, much like Democratic Primary voters, isn’t too keen on the candidates that are currently running. The lackluster slate of Democrats — and perhaps the “eat the rich” agenda of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — that made the decision for him.

Bloomberg has privately expressed concerns about the strength of the 2020 field, according to a person familiar with his thinking. And a Democratic strategist who has previously worked with Bloomberg said the former mayor is reconsidering his options, in part, because of the outcome in this week’s elections in Virginia, where investments from his gun control group helped Democrats win control of the General Assembly.

Unfortunately, things are not looking very good for our anti-hero. His polling numbers are about as fantastic as the rest of the Democrats, and that is pretty depressing — for Bloomberg.

Bloomberg and his team are undeterred by the polling data they’ve conducted internally, which isn’t strong, said a Bloomberg adviser who was providing context on the strategy.
“It’s not strong but it’s not zero either,” the adviser said.
Source: CNN

A piece ran in the Washington Post today titled, Hey Michael Bloomberg, No One Wants You To Run For President.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how badly this campaign fails.

One thing might be in the bag, though…

It’s unlikely that his campaign will be as craptastic as the current NYC Mayor’s was.

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