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Flashback: Obama Used The Espionage Act To Go After Whistleblowers More Than All Previous Admins Combined

The Media(D) is very concerned that President Trump wants the whistleblower named. Well, at least he’s not using the Espionage Act against him.

It seems reasonable that the name of the man who has triggered the official impeachment inquiry be made public so that we can see his possible bias and ensure transparency in the process. After all, the intention is to remove the sitting President from office or stop his reelection. It is vital that the American public has complete information before the 2020 election.

It has been reported that the whistleblower was contacting Rep. Adam Schiff(D-CA) and his staff ahead of filing his complaint, which makes the entire thing look sketchy. Add to that the suspected whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, is an Obama holdover and Biden-supporter who worked closely with Joe Biden, as well as working under Susan Rice and John Brennan. Ciaramella is a registered Democrat and is a CIA analyst specializing in Ukraine and Russia.

When Ciaramella was in the Obama administration, he was the Ukraine director on the National Security Council, then was briefly the acting senior director for European and Russian affairs before being reassigned from his job in the West Wing early in the Trump administration after being suspected of negative leaks.

Breitbart reports that Ciaramella was included in the email chain that eventually led to the $1 billion loan guarantee that Biden was talking about holding back unless Ukraine fired their top prosecutor who was looking into Burisma at the time. It also appears that Ciaramella had a hand in pushing the anti-Trump dossier by Fusion GPS that sparked the Russian Collusion narrative and triggered the Mueller investigation. He had invited Alexandra Chalupa, one of the DNC operatives digging up dirt on Trump in 2016, to the White House for meetings.

So, he looks like a partisan hack with a clear bias against President Trump. Why not let the man come forward and rebut the claims against him?

You’d think that the Dems would want to make sure that the impeachment inquiry process was unassailable. You’d also think that the Media(D) would be a bit more interested in looking into who the whistleblower is, but, alas, no.

Congressman Adam Schiff has claimed that President Trump wants to punish the whistleblower.

All of this concern for simply naming this one whistleblower and sussing out his possible bias is pretty rich considering what the previous administration did to whistleblowers — they went after them with the Espionage act.

Check it out:

I can hear the critics now: “That’s CBN — an obviously biased source.”


How about Jake Tapper’s own words in March 2016 when he reiterated the factoid about the Obama admin’s use of the Espionage Act against whistleblowers after then-President Obama was lecturing the media for not “holding presidential candidates accountable”? The Washington Free Beacon noted that Barry “scolded the press for enabling a candidate like Donald Trump.”

The whole thing is pretty rich considering Jay Carney said that “when classified information is leaked, that is a violation of the law” — unless your name is Hillary Rodham Clinton, apparently.

Does PolitiFact rating the claim as “True” hold any sway?

The federal criminal charges filed against National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden make it seven times that the Obama administration has used the Espionage Act against government workers who shared information with the press. In at least two instances, the government’s investigations have delved into the practices of reporters and news organizations and put reporters in legal jeopardy.

This has raised red flags among defenders of the media. In a vigorous exchange on CNN’s The Lead, host Jake Tapper asserted to Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post that “the Obama administration has used the Espionage Act to go after whistleblowers who leaked to journalists … more than all previous administrations combined.”

On one level, a simple tally would address Tapper’s claim and — spoiler alert — the raw numbers back him up.

Source: PolitiFact

Would the leftwing Democracy Now! work as another source? Should I mention that the segment interviewing Thomas Drake, an NSA whistleblower, also includes a clip of Jake Tapper who was the White House correspondent for ABC News questioning Jay Carney about prosecuting whistleblowers?

What about PBS News Hour reporting on the Obama administration’s “transparency” and citing that the targeting of whistleblowers was a massive problem?

Stephen Engelberg of ProPublica said:

Well, this administration campaigned, as many do, on wanting to be sort of epically transparent. And that’s clearly not what’s happened.

They have pursued an aggressive campaign against leakers and whistleblowers. They have tried to jail people. They have, I think within the administration and kind of level of federal agencies, you know, very basic interviews that my reporters say used to be able to be straightforward, you could go to the EPA and talk to a scientist about a complicated issue, today, not only will they not allow that interview with a spokesman sitting present to keep an eye on; they don’t allow the interview at all.

Source: PBS News Hour (Emphasis Added)

Hmmm… does it look like the level of concern over the whistleblower is directly linked to the political affiliation of the administration that they are blowing the whistle on?

It sure looks that way to me.

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