Former Clinton Adviser To Hillary Considering 2020 Rematch: ‘Go Home’ And ‘Shut Your Mouth’

Written by Wes Walker on November 14, 2019

Sorry, Hildebeast, when even your ‘friends’ are tired of your face, it’s time to pack it in and go home.

No matter how many ‘voices’ she claims are urging her to join the race, the ones not in her head are giving a very DIFFERENT message:

Whatever charm, or admiration, or connections, or proximity to power it was that once attracted swarms of sycophants to Clinton’s cause might have been, the bloom is long since off that rose. Or corpse flower, as the case may be.

What have her one-time supporters been saying about Hillary throwing her hat back in the ring for a rematch?

At first, they were careful to decline politely. They expressed confidence in the new crop of contenders, told her she had a good run and all that.

But she keeps floating these damned trial balloons about running again, even though we all know she rigged the game to win her own damned primary last time around. The latest one was yet another visit to the foreign press — the BBC — saying that she had ‘many voices pressuring her’ to run again in 2020.

Their refusals are not nearly as polite as they once were.

Go home. Close the door. Shut your mouth.

That’s exactly the message she NEEDS to hear. Because ‘subtle’ isn’t working with Hillary.

Not at all.

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