Fredo Cuomo Tries To Roast Trump On Live TV… Backfires Spectacularly (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 22, 2019

Could this possibly be the reason your ratings are circling the toilet, guys?

At least this time, Chris Cuomo wasn’t threatening to throw anyone down the stairs. But he still managed to make an ass of himself.

Can’t really fight against your own nature, I suppose.

After one of the Impeachment witnesses described having heard a phone call (not on speakerphone) from across the table, knowing it was Trump, AND claiming to know what was said on the other end of the call, Trump and others called BS.

(It’s important that he heard the President directly. If their witness had merely said he was TOLD about the contents of this call, then it’s not corroboration, and it’s merely hearsay.)

Intending to make Trump look bad, Fredo Cuomo pulls a stunt on live Television. He has his mother on the phone in the middle of his show, and proceeds to demonstrate how someone sitting across a table might be able to overhear a conversation.

See for yourself:

Because normally, someone having a private conversation leans in closer to the person across the table and holds the phone out for them to hear it.

Yup. Happens all the time.

Even with those little ‘aids’ to his success, it didn’t go exactly according to plan, did it?