Ilhan Omar: Here’s Yet ANOTHER 6-Figure Allegation Of Campaign Finance Fraud

Written by Wes Walker on November 18, 2019

And she’s probably going to get away with it over a stupid technicality.

They don’t have the manpower to investigate it.

We were already aware of the $223k that Ilhan Omar had paid the dude with whom she was committing adultery.

You can now add another $150k to that total, bringing the amount we know about (so far) to a whopping $370,000.

But the federal agency charged with probing the campaign finance complaint against Omar is powerless to act because it doesn’t have enough commissioners on the bench to investigate.

“This is something every American should be very concerned about,” said Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist at the watchdog group Public Citizen.

“We have no election cop on the beat. The Federal Election Commission essentially closed its doors so everyone knows they can pretty much do whatever they want to do and that’s the status of our political system today.”

…But because the FEC has only three of six commissioner slots filled and needs at least four members to vote on complaints — their hands are tied.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all,” Holman said of the continued payments from Omar to her alleged love interest. “We literally have no election cop on the beat and we’re entering the 2020 election that promises to be the most expensive election in history.”

The FEC complaint focused on the fact that more than $12,673.43 of the payments to Mynett were simply labelled “travel expenses” — a potential breach of campaign finance law which states that travel expenses be itemized.
Source: NYPost

So one of the consequences of Democrats slow-walking every damned government appointment is that the watchdog group that gives oversight to misdeeds in Congress doesn’t have a quorum. Meanwhile, they insist they have a right to every scrap of paper ever to pass through the President’s hands.

At this rate, it won’t be long before they subpoena his toilet paper.

Is this a bad time to mention that three out of four members of ‘the Squad’ have had their campaign expense accounts red-flagged as being ‘problematic’?

But we’re all too busy with the impeachment clown show to get any real business done. Good to know.