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Impeachment Round 2: Nunes Comes Out Swinging … Reads First Ukraine Call Into The Record

Nunes just read the transcript of Trump’s FIRST call with Zelensky into the record. He also listed some inconvenient truths that Schiff did not want us to hear.

His opening remarks shone a light on just how motivated to this end they are.

He recapped the work that is NOT getting done while we do this.

Funding for the government that expires this week? Not discussing that.

A trade agreement with Canada and Mexico? Not voting on that.

Instead, we are holding this television spectacle.

And how honest are the people conducting this show trial? No less than FIVE of them have voted in favor of impeachment before this phone call was even made.

He’s glad that the public gets to finally see what is really happening.

He pointed to the obvious problem of second-hand evidence or rumor. And he expressed astonishment in their claim that hearsay evidence can sometimes be better than direct evidence.


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