Impeachment: Schiff Interrupts Witness During Impeachment Inquiry, Stops Him From Answering Question

Written by Wes Walker on November 19, 2019

We’re seeing some pretty cagey stuff considering nobody in the room supposedly knows the whistleblower’s identity.

Today’s two witnesses were answering the questions, as usual, and Schiff kept his interruption streak going by jumping in while Nunes was asking Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman about the two people with whom he had shared the information.

Did you discuss the information about the July 25th phone call with anyone else outside the White House, and if so, with whom? He had already asked the very same question to the other witness.

Vindman had already named one of the two people and the moment at which he was about to share the name of the agency with whom the second person worked, Schiff intervened.

Shortly thereafter during the same questioning, Vindman’s lawyer advised he not answer any other related questions. Nunes pointed out that this was, in fact, a hearing of the Intelligence Committee, but they deferred to the instructions of Shiff to shut down.

Shiff pretends not to know who the Whistleblower is — despite his own staffers having met with him, and having obviously coordinated with him.

Observers in social media were calling ‘foul’.