LMAO: ‘Mini AOC’ Is Back To Bring A Little Levity To Your Day (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 11, 2019

And for those who need it spelled out in crayon… Mini AOC is a kid, and NOT the REAL AOC. Nobody needs to run to the authorities to complain about her… again. Laugh, or don’t.

We hadn’t checked in on her for a while — since social media had blacklisted her. But while we were busy doing other things, she found her way back online.

Why would such a cute kid have been kicked off of social media?

Let’s just say some sacred cows are beyond parody. And the outrage mob will come to their defense. Somewhere along the way, it got straightened out.

So let’s make up for lost time by giving our readers a two-fer.

First, we’ve got her doing the alphabet song. The words are not QUITE the way you would remember them.

That’s the Mini AOC we remember.

She did another one, too, with not one, but two ‘hidden messages’.

One is the ‘help my parents are making me do this’ script built into the parody (with some pretty good political quips in there, too) The other is written on the whiteboard behind her head.

The text on the tweets accompanying the videos is almost as good as the script she is reading from, too.

What a great sport that kid is. And her delivery is pretty good for someone so young. Who knows where this could take her someday — so long as her channel doesn’t go dark again.

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