LMAO: Trump Tweets A Meme And Leftists And NeverTrumpers LOSE Their Damn Minds!

Written by K. Walker on November 27, 2019

It all began with an innocent little tweet of a meme… and everyone went crazy!

It didn’t even have a caption, it was just a photoshopped picture. (That was for the benefit of the Washington Post which can’t seem to tell when something is photoshopped.)

The Trump presidency has been like no other presidency in history.

His detractors would say that is because he “broke” the norms, but really, he has exposed the ridiculous circus that we have in Washington.

The left is going bonkers because he is savvy at social media use and has an actual sense of humor. He also knows what a good meme is and how powerful it can be.

Remember when he tweeted that Nickelback meme to hit at Joe Biden’s claim that he never spoke to Hunter about his position on the board of Burisma?

Everyone lost their minds — including Nickelback.

The same thing happened today.

Here is the tweet that caused the firestorm:

Cue the outrage!

Alyssa is clearly triggered. So was comedian George Lopez who should have been able to identify a joke when he saw one.

Hollywood #Resisters weren’t the only ones. This triggering session was bipartisan.

The replies were all tired and predictable. Russia! Putin! Racist! Sexist! Mental illness! And, of course, fat-shaming. So. Much. Fat-shaming. Which, if you think about it, is a bit weird for the wokescolds that keep telling us that big is beautiful and promoting a healthy diet and exercise is essentially a hate crime. Did they forget about the “body positivity” movement that has been pushed by the morbidly obese in the last few years?

Leftists are quick to abandon their principles if it means that they can attack President Trump.

So are the gatekeepers of conservatism that refuse to support Trump because of his scandalous past — despite his policies which have been quite conservative, pro-life, pro-law enforcement, and pro-religious freedoms. These are all things that the NeverTrump peeps claim are the important things. Yet, they’re engaging with his tweets which they claim to hate.

Speaking of delusional…

But there were also lots and lots of people that absolutely loved it!

Everyone losing their minds when Trump tweets is just the best!

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