LMAO: YouTuber Freaks Out Over Her DNA Results.. She’s Too White! (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on November 16, 2019

This is what happens when we all become ridiculously race-obsessed.

After watching this ridiculous display, Elizabeth Warren’s rebound with the Democrats is starting to make more sense.

We’ve got a YouTuber (no, we don’t know who she is) getting her DNA results back and ‘revealing’ them in front of her audience.

The screen on which this is being typed is not nearly as white as she is. And yet, she is devastated to see the results of her Twenty-Three & Me Test.

99% White? “That is not cool.”

Does she even OWN a mirror? How is this even surprising?

Our race-obsession is creating people that are LITERALLY not comfortable in their own skin. Why should we stress about our skin color? There is literally nothing we can do to change it.

Her reaction shows a culture buying into the belief that if you can claim some kind of non-white heritage, that makes you better, somehow. (Which casts that whole ‘white privilege’ thing in a very different light, eh?)

She reads on and is overjoyed about the .1% being non-white and *gasp* Black! Then she jumps to the most ridiculous of conclusions. It was because of slavery! Not cool!

Uh… no. Dial it back, lady. If your skin were any whiter, we could see your internal organs.

She obviously never got the memo that religious and irreligious experts both agree that humanity shares a common ancestry… one that does NOT originate in Europe.

She took another test. It came back with slightly different results.

This time, she was 95% European. And she was dumb enough to admit getting ‘upset’ about that. As though what she WANTS her ancestry to be somehow has anything to do with her own wishes.

On the other hand, she was thrilled because this time she gets to be Asian, too, so… yay for her. Or something.

This isn’t an isolated issue, either. This guy needs to seek some professional help.

Once again, South Park parody finds a way to completely intersects with real life.

The lines between parody and reality are blurring. Badly.