Nationals Elites vs Astros Americans

Written by Lloyd Marcus on November 4, 2019

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on Fox and Friends wearing a Washington National’s baseball cap in honor of them winning the World Series. Kellyanne excitedly said, “Since President Trump came to office the Capitals, the hockey team, the Mystics and the Nationals have won their first championships.”

I am not as forgiving of the Nationals as Kellyanne. I have not followed baseball for years. My buddy Bob is an avid baseball fan, extremely excited about his Nationals finally making it to the playoffs. So, I became an instant Nationals fan.

I joined Bob in rooting for the Nationals to win the World Series. Politics never entered my mind. President Trump attended a World Series game in Washington DC and Nationals fans booed him. They even had the audacity to chant, “Lock him up!” That’s when the cold political reality hit me. These fans are elitist swamp dwellers. They are not everyday Americans because most everyday Americans cannot afford a ticket to the World Series.

I was shocked when my blue collar West Virginia handyman told me how expensive it is to take his son and wife to a regular season Nationals baseball game. I have fond childhood memories of my cousin Buntsy and I having enough money to regularly attend Baltimore Orioles games at Memorial Stadium. I was blown away when I walked through the tunnel, up the ramp to see the stunningly beautiful green baseball field. Tickets were priced for everyday people.

When those Washington Nationals fans booed my president, I wanted the Nationals to lose the series. That may not be fair to the Nationals players, but that is how I felt. In my mind, the series became Washington elitists vs America.

About Bob: My friend of over 30 years is a minister, author and huge Trump supporter. He is also the luckiest guy on the planet. Whenever there is a raffle or drawing, Bob typically wins. He has caught an amazing number of foul baseballs and home runs at major league baseball games.

In 1999, Bob and I attended a game at Camden Yards. Bob went to the restroom. Oriole Jeff Conine hit a home-run over my head. When I turned to look, Bob emerged from the tunnel holding the home-run ball high into the air, grinning ear to ear. Amazing. Bob gifted that baseball to me.

Watching professional sports should be a non-political enjoyable pastime. Rush Limbaugh often says liberals corrupt or destroy everything they touch. All I wanted to do was support my buddy by rooting for his team to win the World Series. Nationals fans infected with Trump derangement syndrome even screwed that up.

Despite their venomous attack of our president, it is appropriate for Kellyanne to take the high ground by celebrating the Nationals winning the championship. The Houston Astros winning the series would have made my day.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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