Oklahoma Cop Accused of Killing His Boss At Florida Conference… In A Fistfight

Written by Wes Walker on November 12, 2019

News doesn’t get much weirder than this one.

Michael Nealey, a detective from Oklahoma went with his boss, a police chief, to attend the Southeast Public Safety Training Conference. It’s a conference in which — and this is not a joke — they were given training on how to tell the difference between homicide, suicide, and natural deaths.

Nealey and his Chief, Lucky Miller, were roommates at the hotel in Pensicola.

Nealey was being held in Escambia County jail Monday morning without bond on a homicide charge, records show.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies went to the Hilton Hotel on Pensacola Beach about 9:50 p.m., where they found Miller dead, the Pensacola News Journal reported. Miller’s body was found in a hotel room, CNN reported.

Hotel security was called earlier because the two men were disruptive, and deputies went to the hotel because the men were fighting, The Associated Press reported. Deputies did not find a weapon, the AP reported.

A spokeswoman said that alcohol was involved in the “physical altercation,” according to the AP.
Source: Star-Telegram

So, lemme get this straight.

Two cops — one of them a chief — head to a beachfront hotel in Pensacola for a conference.

The conference relates to training on determining a person’s cause of death, and distinguishing between natural death, homicide and suicide. (We can only imagine how many Epstein jokes were cracked that day.)

The two share a room. Alcohol is involved to some degree. Things get out of hand, to the point that a disturbance is reported and cops show up.

And somewhere in this process, a drunken cop is alleged to have beaten his boss, named ‘Lucky’, to death?

Yep. The week isn’t even half-over yet, but I’m pretty sure this is the most surreal story we’ll cover for the week at least. Perhaps even the month.