PRAGER U: This Short Video Turns Race-Based Political Thinking On Its Head

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2019

Can you truly call yourself ‘free’ and ’empowered’ if you’re just following the script that others say you’re obligated to parrot?

The number of people who have started asking themselves some version of that question is surging.

Kanye has been asking it. Candace Owens has been asking it.

The #WalkAway movement has been asking it.

As a result, the demographic advantages that have padded certain regional Democrat strongholds are starting to crumble:

Trump’s ‘what the Hell do you have to lose’ question is starting to get traction.

By way of contrast, let’s look back to 2016:

Democrats have taken their demographic strongholds for granted, and now they are facing the question — how has my loyalty to your party improved my life or my community?

The answer, much of the time, is that it hasn’t.

Meanwhile, despite the endless attacks and roadblocks the President has faced from day 1 of his term, Trump is taking direct action that is making for real, tangible benefits in the lives of real people.

Employment is just the tip of the iceberg. Opportunity zones are breathing new life into crumbling cities. Real prison reform — that had eluded Obama — has been signed into law.

Time and again, his policies are designed to help the ENTIRE country, not just his favorite parts of it.

Imagine where we’d be if Democrats would get off their collective ass and sign USMCA into law instead of tilting at impeachment windmills?

The video is really worth the 6 minutes. It opens with a couple of Kanye clips, but it’s really about a young black woman who started questioning her own assumptions and — before you know it — she was being called a ‘racist, sexist, misogynist’.

She was called that simply for wandering beyond the section of the ‘acceptable’ ideas for someone of her background, race, and gender.

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