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Schiff Named in WH Official’s Defamation Lawsuit, Leaked Lies To Politico To Push Impeachment

How will Shifty’s abuse of power narrative against Trump take off if Schiff himself is accused of abusing his own?

How a guy who has such little regard for proper handling of classified information was ever permitted to be ON the House Intelligence Committee, let alone LEADING it is a question that may have future historians scratching their heads for decades to come.

Discovery for this case could be a little bit awkward, couldn’t it?

But this little twist could NOT come at a worse time for Schiff’s narrative-building. It exposes him for what a weasel he really is.

If there were an (R) after his name, this would be front-page headline news. Not that the Media(D) cares about such things when they can’t be weaponized against their Republican adversaries.

So, what is the complaint against Schiff?

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) “acted in concert” with Politico to leak allegedly false information from the impeachment inquiry as part of a “scheme” to advance the “inquisition” against President Donald Trump, according to an explosive defamation lawsuit filed by a senior Trump White House official on Monday.
White House official Kash Patel, who is a senior counterterrorism official on the National Security Council (NSC), filed the lawsuit in Virginia court in which he says Schiff “weaponized the media” to advance his impeachment agenda.

Patel is a former staffer to the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who later moved to the White House in the NSC to advise the president on national security and intelligence matters.

Patel on Monday filed the defamation suit in Virginia state court against Politico, Natasha Bertrand, a reporter for the establishment media outlet, and Robert Allbritton, the publisher and executive chairman of the media organization, all identified as defendants.

Patel accuses the defendants of defaming him by working with Schiff and members of his staff to disseminate false stories about him.
Source: Breitbart

The Cliff’s Notes version goes something like this:

When Schiff was conducting his super-secret Kangaroo Court in the basement, statements were made about Kash Patel by Fiona Hill and Alex Vinderman about Patel’s contact with the White House that were simply false. That information was leaked ‘in real time’ by either Schiff or by his staffers to Politico, by encrypted messaging apps.

One of the stories Politico wrote opens with the following paragraphs, the slant in reporting is pretty evident:

The decorated Army officer who testified to House investigators on Tuesday told lawmakers that a close associate of Republican Rep. Devin Nunes “misrepresented” himself to President Donald Trump in an effort to involve himself further in Ukraine policy, according to two people familiar with his closed-door deposition.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert, told lawmakers that after attending Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s inauguration in May as part of a delegation led by Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Vindman had been looking forward to debriefing Trump and giving a positive account of Zelensky’s vision for Ukraine’s future. — Politico

Here’s what he alleges:

Between October 23, 2019, and November 8, 2019, the Defendants, acting in concert with Schiff, made, published and republished numerous false factual statements of or concerning Kash without privilege of any kind. … On November 8, 2019, Schiff released the transcripts of Hill and Vindman’s closed-door, secret interviews conducted in the Capitol Visitor Center. The transcripts demonstrate that Politico, Bertrand, Schiff, and his staffers misled the public in the First and Second Politico Pieces, and intentionally lied about the substance of Hill and Vindman’s interviews.

Politico, Bertrand, and Allbritton knew that Schiff had a preconceived agenda that he was actively promoting. They knew about Schiff’s extreme bias and hatred of President Trump. Significantly, they also knew that Schiff was a wholly unreliable source because of his penchant to tell lies and to mislead.

Patel vehemently denies the allegations made by Bertrand, noting in the court document:

Defendants’ reporting was categorically and knowingly false. At no time prior to October 30, 2019 had Kash ever communicated with the President on any matters involving Ukraine. Kash never supplied any Ukraine “materials” to the President. Kash is proud of his record as a dedicated national security professional who is entrusted to handle our nation’s most sensitive matters. At no time did Kash stray from his mission to protect the homeland in service to the President and the NSC.
Source: Breitbart

The lawsuit is looking for $25,000,000 in damages.

Politico’s decision to print the false testimony of Hill and Vindman as fact, which Patel’s lawsuit makes clear was in close coordination with Schiff and his team on Capitol Hill, could seriously cost the media outlet. Other media outlets that printed the inaccuracies could also end up on the chopping block as well, but for now Patel is focused on Politico with this lawsuit.
Source: Breitbart

What will it take to force a return to professionalism in an industry that has shown a 95% Anti-Trump bias during this Impeachment witchhunt? Maybe watching a large media outlet or two sued into insolvency will get their attention.


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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