SELF-AWARENESS FAIL: AOC Rants About Identity Politics… Claims She Doesn’t Weaponize Hers

Written by Wes Walker on November 16, 2019

The Squad has found themselves another immigration villain to rally around. And they claim his ‘Jewishness’ is being weaponized.

The Squad is targeting a Jewish guy in Trump’s inner-circle who opposes their view of immigration.

He’d be coming up on the Resistance’s list no matter WHAT he did.

The SPLC is denouncing him over some alleged ties to racist groups and a petition is now circling — signed by the Squad, Bernie and others — demanding Stephen Miller’s resignation.

Since this accusation has an SPLC angle, and because so many anti-conservative/anti-Trump smears are discredited in a matter of days, we’ll reserve judgment on this particular allegation and let it play out.

In the meantime, let’s look at the more interesting story here. Let’s look at what AOC’s words reveal about… AOC herself:

First, we’ll have to skip over the lies about ‘echoing experts’ when she falsely compared the Southern Border to the Holocaust and ‘Concentration camp’. We’ve fish-slapped her about that previously. Repeating that lie does not make it true, except in the Third Reich’s Big Lie sense of the term — irony noted.

She then accuses Jewish Stephen Miller of being a ‘no-joke, die-hard, white nationalist’. We’ve all seen that term kicked around as an attack so often that it’s losing the stigma it is rightly supposed to have.

Pretty soon the self-described white supremacists will have to invent a new term to distinguish themselves from all the others who have just been tagged with that epithet.

She demands Miller’s ouster and then MSNBC’s Chris Hayes shows a momentary glimpse of reason. That or he’s just playing Devil’s Advocate. It’s hard to tell with MSNBC. He points out that this so-called ‘White Supremacist’ isn’t white. He’s actually Jewish.

(For those keeping score at home, Jews were literally the favorite target of White Supremacists in Nazi Germany.)

Seems an unlikely charge to make. He would call such an accusation on her part deeply ‘offensive’. But she has an answer for this.

“Well, I’m sure that’s also the way in which he’s weaponized his identity, right? Like [Flustered stammering] The color of your skin and the identity you were born with does not absolve you of moral wrong. You know? It doesn’t. And… the perfect person — the perfect (air-quotes) ‘looking’ person — to advance horrifically inhumane immigration would be somebody who looks like me. Or someone who looks like someone in this audience right? Because that’s what provides the cover for these incredibly damaging and dangerous policies.

So I’m not here to weaponize my identity and I don’t think any public servant should weaponize their identity in order to advance white nationalist ideas. Period. … I don’t care who you are.

Let’s begin by separating the truth from the lies.

Here’s what she got right:

1 — Racism sucks

Should we all oppose White Supremacists? We at ClashDaily will go further than that. We should oppose ALL ideas or policies that pit one racial group against another.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for AOC to sign on to THAT idea, because it conflicts with her oppressor/oppressed ideology where one group is the perpetual victim requiring a big government to rush to the rescue, and another group is the perpetual oppressor needing periodic acts of public penance, punishment or humiliation.

That very idea is antithetical to the founding documents she swore to uphold. Not that she cares.

2 — Identity Politics can be weaponized

Here’s where she puts the cherry on top. She is giving the game away and doesn’t even know it. She sees standing behind your racial identity when you are accused of moral wrongdoing as a weaponization of identity politics.

Fact-check True. It CAN be exactly that.

When such a thing happens, it should NOT be permitted as a defense against moral wrongdoing. The problem with her claim is that it just didn’t happen with Miller. For one thing, she’s assuming malice in a hypothetical situation. Of course she is. She gets to declare the other side’s motives all the time, and the media never calls her on it.

What we CAN take from her use of that analogy, and her later statement about ‘providing cover for damaging and dangerous policies’ is a window of insight into their own political strategies.

Have you ever noticed how many times she, or another squad member, has put forward some kind of a politically repulsive idea and then rushed to hide behind their victim status when they got blowback for it? How many times have we heard the ‘anyone who criticizes me is ‘racist’ song and dance?  Or heard that her critics are all ‘intimidated by strong women of color’? etc, etc.

She claims not to weaponize her identity politics. That’s not true at all. She barely ever STOPS weaponizing her identity politics.

Calling Out The Lies

Notice she threw in her usual emotion-laden sophistry to bolster her point because logic won’t come to its rescue.

Claims about immigration policy’s ‘true’ motivation challenged:

She implies that the only possible motivation for someone opposing her immigration agenda is racial animus and hatred. She hasn’t proven it. She knows the allegation will stand unchallenged in most media environments. And she’s pretty good at the Dazzle With BS tactic to skate past those who don’t know much about what she’s talking about.

There’s nothing new about her tactic, it was exactly this kind of dishonest blather that the greatest Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle developed systematic rules of logic and reason to oppose.

She hasn’t proven that her approach to immigration is actually the humane one. Her system insists that masses of people abandon their own home and country — making ghost towns of many communities, worsening existing problems in the abandoned regions, especially for those too old, young or frail to make the trip. Meaning the most vulnerable are left behind.

They march across open land, exposed to bandits and rapists who prey on them. A staggering percentage of women and even young girls are raped along the way. They make conscious choices to cross between the borders instead of lawfully AT the borders, which creates new problems.

The ‘immigrants’ she loves so much face natural hazards including drowning, exposure, and wild animals. Bodies are routinely discovered on both sides of the border, sometimes without any identification. They hire coyotes to take them across the border — this enriches and makes criminal Cartels — and their corrupt influence in Mexico — more powerful and dangerous. It also exposes them to the risks of kidnapping, rape, child trafficking etcetera.

They are encouraged to bring young children with them, because of AOC’s Separation of Children propaganda campaign. One-in-three young children have no relationship to the adults they travel with. Some are even abused by them.

But AOC has the conviction of a zealot that anyone who opposes her immigration scheme is not interested in anything besides racial superiority. She cannot account in similar racial terms why the very same people lament the deaths of aborted babies, most of whom are the children of minorities. The math doesn’t add up.


Why we’re skeptical of all SPLC smears:


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