SHAMELESS: Media(D) Scrubs Damning Story About Child Detention Rate When It’s Revealed That Stats Are From 2015

Written by Wes Walker on November 20, 2019

Smoking guns for media bias seldom get more damning than this one. Why was a news story that was given such fanfare suddenly thrown down the memory hole? Because it implicated the wrong people.

The next time Occasional Cortex bleats about Concentration Camps and Child separation, ask her about this story.

If we were dealing with honest journalists, this story shouldn’t be deleted, it should be set against current information. The fact that they’re pulling the story is an implicit admission that the damning effect of the story is not relevant to their objectives, and the actual numbers under the current administration compare favorably against the Obama era.

Bernie immediately jumped on it. Because he loves to tout news critical of America… whether it’s true or not. No wonder we call them the ‘Blame America First’ Democrats.

But if you click on Bernie’s tweets, the source story he links to has been withdrawn. It has been withdrawn across various news sites.

Reuters withdrew theirs.

Reuters link here.

So did other news sources foreign and domestic.

Sydney Morning Herald link here.

HuffPo link here.

Al Jazeera link here.

NBC News link here.

Should it really surprise us? It was an Obama Admin staffer tweeting out an Obama-era photo of ‘children of cages’ that launched this bogus children-in-cages narrative in the first place.