Smoking Cigars, Offensive Language, and The Church

Written by Doug Giles on November 14, 2019

This episode is going to slap the how dare you crowd upside the head. You’re gonna love it. What’s REALLY offensive to a holy God isn’t what they might think it is.

Would God get wrapped around the axel about a mean tweet, a cigar, or saying ‘shit’ in a sentence?


And if his Church is more concerned about someone being a ‘pottymouth’ than they are about their neighborhood, city, and nation sleepwalking to Hell, we’ve got bigger problems than we think we have.

Did you know what the one word of unbridled contempt Jesus uttered in the Bible was, and why it was his generation’s equivalent of calling someone a pussy?

Oh, NO! ‘Sweet Jesus didn’t say THAT!’

Yes. He did. We lay it all out in our show while singing the praises of a good cigar in the process.

Does that offend you? Good.

Maybe the wrong things upset you.

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