That’s Weird: The Pope Is Just As Hostile To Christian History As Obama Was

Written by Wes Walker on November 24, 2019

You’d think someone as ‘learned’ as the Pope is supposed to be would know the difference between anecdotes and evidence. Especially when those anecdotes come from literature.

In trying to take Christianity down a peg, the Pope quoted an 11th Century poem to ‘prove’ that Christians are also sometimes ‘extremists’ who force conversions at the point of a sword.

He DOES realize that Christians fought the Crusades in an effort to RE-take the Holy Land after it had been swallowed up in Islam’s conquest, right?

And there’s that small matter of Spain, North Africa, the region of the Churches where Paul had once planted in Asia Minor all the way up to the Battle Of Tours. Even now, the largest Christian cathedral ever built — the Hagia Sophia — is deciding whether to return to use as a Mosque.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s the timeline, confirm it for yourself: DEAR PATRIOTS: Let’s Play, ‘Spot The BS’, In This PRO-TERRORISM Meme

But the West will always be the bad guy in some people’s estimation.

The Church in the West certainly has some problems — some of them being problems the Pope himself needs to clean house on — but to hear the Pope talk, it’s the West that needs to learn from places like China and Saudi Arabia about wisdom, decency, and virtue.

If anything, the explicit injunctions by Jesus tell us the opposite. He told us to turn the other cheek, to pray for our enemies, to see in the example of the Good Samaritan that those people we are ‘supposed’ to see as our natural adversaries need to be treated as our neighbors. Scripture shows us the heroic examples of Christian martyrs who died, not to spill someone else’s blood, but in the process of sharing the gospel.

That’s a pretty stark contrast against a religion whose violent supremacist end-times teaching includes trees calling out to warn there is a Jew hiding behind it, and that he should die.

Violence is explicit in their official teaching.

And they’re still doing it. Christians are facing genocide at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East and Africa; most of the world ignores this, including the Pope, who instead insists that “it’s not fair to identify Islam with violence.”

The Pope has been a powerful promoter of Islam, going so far as advance theological reforms in Catholic schools to promote a “common mission of peace” with Islam. He largely ignores the gross human rights violations against Christians, women, minorities and apostates that are justified by normative Islam. He has not called on the leaders of Islamic states and mainstream Islamic leaders to condemn the Islamic texts that sanction such abuses. Instead, he has stated that “Christianity and Islam have more in common than people think…and the two religions defend common values that are necessary for the future of civilization.”

“Hours before Pope Francis called for the abolition of capital punishment” last Friday, he warmly embraced the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb — the revered Islamic scholar and cleric who has endorsed jihad suicide attacks against Jews and wants converts to Christianity to be killed. Pope Francis and el-Tayeb early this year published “A Document On Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.”
Source: JihadWatch

With the pattern of behavior we’ve seen from this pontiff, it’s enough to make you wonder whose interests he’s really intent on representing.


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