WATCH: Biden Say That There Was ‘No Hint Of Scandal’ In The 8 Years Of The Obama Administration

Written by K. Walker on November 25, 2019

Really, Joe? Not a HINT of scandal? He can’t think of a single thing? Well, here’s a reminder…

Late last week Joe Biden spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon, The Dumbest Man On Television™, and told him that when he was Vice President, there were no scandals for 8 years.

Lemon, being The Dumbest Man On Television™  didn’t push back on the ridiculous claim.

Watch the insane comment here:

He can’t really believe that, can he?

The question is, is this due to Joe’s failing memory or is it due to the Media(D)’s fawning coverage of the Obama administration and the deliberate shielding from any hint of scandal?

Let’s do a quick fact-check of Joe’s “scandal-free administration” claim.

So, where do we begin?

How about Hunter Biden being paid $80K a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company with no experience? He even admitted that he got cushy jobs because he was the son of the Vice President.

Someone in the State Department thought it was a problem.

Even the Partisan Press had questioned the optics. Here is ABC’s Jonathan Karl posing the question to Jay Carney in 2014.

As Mark Levin said on his Fox News show this weekend, a corrupt Ukrainian gas company shoving money at an obviously messed up guy like Hunter Biden while his father was Veep could be viewed as an attempt to curry favor with the Obama administration who wasn’t giving them lethal aid to fight off the Russians after the invasion of Crimea. The invasion of Crimea took place in March 2014 while Hunter Biden joined the Burisma board in April 2014.

Apparently threatening to withhold foreign aid funding is an impeachable offense, so is this clip where Joe is dangling $1B in loan guarantees to Ukraine only if they fired their top prosecutor a disqualifying moment to become President?

And let’s not forget that one of the things that Ukraine was investigating was a group co-founded by the Obama administration and George Soros.

Alrighty, Joe. Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane…

Despite what Don Lemon thinks, there were plenty of problems in the Obama administration — not just the tan suit. 

Here’s a quick (and by no means complete) list of the scandals in the Obama Administration:

  1. Spying on the Trump campaign and obtaining FISA warrants nefariously
  2. Operation Fast and Furious
  3. Benghazi
  4. Droning American civilians
  5. The IRS targeting Tea Party groups
  6. DOJ wiretapping journalists
  7. NSA violating the Fourth Amendment
  8. VA wait lists causing the deaths of veterans waiting for care
  9. Obamacare
  10. Iran Deal
  11. Project Cassandra
  12. Ignoring Hezbollah’s Billion-Dollar a year drug and weapons smuggling ring
  13. Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama himself lying about Benghazi
  14. Jonathan Gruber (Obamacare architect) saying that they relied on the “stupidity of the American voter”
  15. Unconstitutional military engagement like the airstrikes in Libya and engagement in Syria
  16. The first President to spend every single day of his two terms at war
  17. Hillary’s email server and subsequent investigation with zero consequence
  18. Bergdahl and the Taliban 5
  19. Solyndra
  20. Apology tours
  21. CIA hacking the Senate Intelligence Committee
  22. EPA saying nothing about lead levels in Flint, MI
  23. The contaminated river in Colorado
  24. Hillary’s “Clinton Foundation” Slush Fund as she was Secretary of State
  25. Forcing Nuns to pay for birth control through Obamacare
  26. Implementing DACA after saying that he couldn’t do it unless it was through Congress
  27. Title IX which created kangaroo courts on college campuses removing basic due process rights to the accused
  28. Recess appointments
  29. The “Constitutional Scholar” consistently violating the Constitution
  30. Leaving Otto Warmbier to suffer in North Korea

I guess Sleepy Joe was just sleeping through those 8 years.

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