Watch: Mayor Pete Reminds White People That They ‘Aren’t Reminded Of Their Race All Of The Time’

Written by K. Walker on November 13, 2019

It appears that Mayor of South Bend has volunteered to remind white people of their “whiteness.”

Buttigieg says that white people aren’t reminded of their race all of the time.


What planet does he live on?

I guess Mayor Pete is not following Ta-Nehisi Coates on Twitter and allowed his subscriptions to the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic to lapse.

Like several other Democratic 2020 hopefuls, Preachy Pete has a real problem with a dearth of black support in the crowded primary field.

Buttigieg says that “white people need to come to terms with what whiteness is.” Really, what is that, Mayor Pete? Here I was thinking that it was a racial category tied to melanin production. But that’s not what he means. He means the “problematic” nature of “whiteness.”

And what is that scandalous “problematic” characteristic of “whiteness”? Why, systemic racism, of course!

Oh, yes, Preachy Pete has decided to win over black voters by calling white voters racist.

Now, correct me if I am wrong here — that’s a distinct possibility with me being a non-white, heterosexual woman and also a flawed human being — but it seems to me that suggesting an entire people group is still steeped in racism and bigotry today due to historical behavior and mindsets that have been eschewed in recent years is a bit… well, racist.

I do not ascribe to the new definition of racism that states that racism is “prejudice + power.” That’s nonsense. Racism is shoving people into identity boxes and claiming that you can tell their motivations and thoughts based solely on their immutable characteristics like the pigmentation of their skin. Identity politics is blatantly bigoted — and stupid.

It looks like Mayor Pete has jumped onto the identity politics bandwagon, and is going all-in. He’s quick to throw the “racist” accusation against President Trump but has his own problems with the black community in South Bend due to his policies.

When Buttigieg entered the Democratic race, he did so as a “moderate” and I thought — maybe there are some non-insane Democrats out there. He was a veteran, he spoke well and was reasonably intelligent.

But, that lasted all of 5 seconds.

He has since waged a war on religious conservatives, pushed late-term abortion stating that the position has biblical support, said that Trump supporters are turning a blind eye to racism, and thinks that families that are separated because they illegally crossed the border should be given some sort of compensation.

He’s just another far-leftist who clearly dislikes those with whom he disagrees and is willing to pathologize “whiteness” to get votes.

It’s disgusting and blatantly racist.


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