WATCH: ‘Woke’ Feminist Says That ‘Respectability, Civility, Unity, Decorum’ Are Words Invented By WHITE MEN

Written by K. Walker on November 6, 2019

As a woman of color, she is apparently not subject to those concepts.

After this appearance, I wouldn’t ascribe any of those words to her, either.

A lively panel discussion with a group of feminists on an Australian show, Q&A went to some very weird places on Monday night. The guests were chosen for a special episode to coincide with the feminist festival Broadside.

Mona Eltahawy, a very loud and self-proclaimed “woke” feminist had some pretty hot takes on current culture and expressed them in a rather profane manner.

At times Monday night’s show went to places Q&A rarely goes. “We are trying to keep the language under control,” the host, Fran Kelly, said at one point. “If you’re offended by the profanity, maybe leave now.”

That freewheeling approach culminated in the Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy offering as her best feminist advice: “Be more bisexual. Be less cisgendered in the way you move through the world. Fuck it all up and be free.”

I’m sorry… what?!

Is she saying that women need to be bisexual to fight the Patriarchy? I thought that woman-on-woman and/or threesomes were fairly common male fantasies…

But it got a bit weirder.

Earlier, when Eltahawy wondered how many rapists should be killed until men stopped raping women, Kelly replied: “Them’s fighting words.”

“Spectator Australia is saying Mona is promoting violence,” Kelly said. “That’s what you’re doing?”

“I’m saying that violence has been owned by the state,” Eltahawy said. “That violence has been given by the state to its police, that violence has been allowed to continue unchecked mostly by men, especially privileged men. Exactly how long do I have to wait to be safe?”

Source: The Guardian

So… concealed-carry and firearms training for women, then? Somehow, I don’t think that is what Eltahawy is advocating — even though that is the great equalizer and would allow women to protect themselves.

It was when one woman asked about Barack Obama’s recent criticism of the censorious “wokescolds” and their cancel culture that really got Eltahawy fired up. She said in no uncertain terms that she will not be civil, nor will she stop telling people to “f**k off” because civility is a construct created by “white men” to perpetuate a “white” society and keep other people — especially women of color and LGBTQ+ individuals out of it.

You’ve got to see it to believe it. LANGUAGE WARNING:

Where the hell do I start with this one?

Well, let’s start with this…

Online communities are “safe spaces”?!

The online world is toxic.

Mona with the red hair has obviously not had the singular experience of being found guilty of the crime of Tweeting While Conservative.

Do you really want to see some angry white men? Try being a non-white, right-wing woman tweeting that pro-life positions are not evil, or that you’re going to vote conservative and watch the profanity-laced hate roll on in from unhinged leftist men before they threaten to call the police and then block you. They’re almost always white.

But some of her “facts” are demonstrably false. For instance, she claims that an Indigenous woman in Canada is posting online every day that there are missing and murdered indigenous women and no one has done anything to find out what happened to them. That’s patently untrue. There is an on-going, years-long, multi-million dollar, independent investigation and an entire website set up along with a Commemoration Fund to support families of victims.

Eltahawy’s comments are so outrageous.

It’s not a “white construct” to not be a complete a-hole to people. The fact that she thinks it is a “white” thing to not be obnoxious is precisely what is wrong with leftist culture. They hate anyone that disagrees with them and they will shout you down, swear at you, and berate you for daring to see the world differently.

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