What WaPo’s Piece Calling For Vagina ‘Education’ For Congress Leaves Out

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2019

What did they run out of photoshopped dog photos to fact-check, or ISIS leaders to praise?

We are expected to take these people seriously, for some reason.

In a piece entitled ‘What every member of Congress should know about vaginas’ (link (Paywall)) WaPo has a columnist, Monica Hesse praising a political stunt dressed up as objective science, that just ‘happens’ to also align with the ideas and objectives of Naral, and just ‘happened’ to take a swipe at Border Patrol.

It’s also convenient that WaPo doesn’t acknowledge that some of the members of Congress who don’t share the views of ‘Dr. Jen’ also happen to have lifelong first-hand knowledge about living with the very same body part.

Some of the policies put forward by different levels of government that aren’t ‘woke’ enough, ranging from local school boards deciding whether or not to provide ‘free’ tampons in bathrooms to allowing for a respectful disposal of human remains after a miscarriage.

Leftists have a STRONG reaction to such things — especially the latter — and have used such graphic language as this to object to it:

They make absurd arguments so they can dismiss the other side as laughable, rather than acknowledge any underlining concerns that might be raised.

In doing so, they conveniently sidestep any real issues, raising their own priorities to be the ‘real’ concern that needs addressing while dismissing conflicting views as laughably sophomoric.

‘Dr. Jen’ elevates her personal experience of losing one of her three triplets in the very act of downplaying others.

Here is the other side of the story:

Sharran Sutherland, 40, took the heartbreaking images of the four-inch-long baby who weighed just 26g, showing his fully-formed face, hands, feet and tiny fingernails.

Babies can’t legally be classified as a baby until they’re 20-weeks-old in certain states in the US – meaning that Miran would have been disposed of as medical waste by the hospital if his parent’s hadn’t intervened.

So mum-of-11 Sharran and her husband Michael, kept their baby in their fridge for a week before burying him in a flowerpot under a hydrangea bush.
Source: TheSun


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