Where Were These Pearl-Clutching ‘Bad For Morale’ Media(D) When Obama Commuted Manning’s Sentence?

Written by Wes Walker on November 28, 2019

We keep hearing the press make arguments about how Trump’s involvement in Eddie Gallagher’s case impacts ‘good order’ and ‘discipline’. Did Obama get that same treatment?

Is this truly about setting some sort of a dangerous precedent? Or is this a partisan double standard?

Some of us remember all the way back to the dying days of the Obama Presidency when Obama took the most gutless and weasel-y path forward available to him.

Where were the Networks and the major papers criticizing Obama for ‘not understanding’ how the military works, like they’re doing with Trump over the Gallagher Case?

With Brandon/Chelsea Manning sentenced to 35years for betraying the nation, Obama commuted the sentence. Rather than reducing it to time served, and letting Manning go free — and have that overshadow Obama’s final days in office — he reduced it so that Manning would go free a few month’s into Trump’s term.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday overruled his secretary of defense to commute the sentence of former Army soldier Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks.

The decision — which a senior defense official told CNN was made over the objections of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter — immediately touched off a controversy in the closing days of the Obama administration.
A former intelligence official described being “shocked” to learn of Obama’s decision, adding that the “entire intelligence community is deflated by this inexplicable use of executive power.” The official said the move was “deeply hypocritical given Obama’s denunciation of WikiLeaks’ role in the hacking of the (Democratic National Committee).”

…The White House is aware that the intelligence community and the Pentagon may be dismayed by the decision, but, the source added, this “doesn’t set a precedent if you consider the distinction between the two of them to be material.”
Part of the thinking was that Manning’s term was quite “extreme” and “without historical precedent” and she had already served more than six years, the source said, adding that another factor is the personal and emotional side of the Manning story: she is transgender, in a male prison, “facing an uncertain fate behind bars.”
Source: CNN

Did the media pile on their Lightbringer for this?

Did the even rate it as a ‘scandal’ — even though this ‘shocking’ act was opposed by his own Secretary of Defence?

Of course not. He is the altar they all worshipped at and could do no wrong.

So why do these same media types suddenly care about the psychological ‘impact’ of a President using his lawful Executive Authority?

The short answer is — anything to make Trump look bad.

Compare the circumstances of someone who knowingly leaked secure information to foreign nationals to this case:

Following Trump’s decision to restore Gallagher’s rank last week, Rear Adm. Collin Green, who oversees the SEAL community, announced he would order a review of Gallagher’s position within the SEAL community. Trump countermanded that decision on Thursday morning, when he tweeted, “The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business!”

Navy chief of information Rear Adm. Charlie Brown issued a statement later that day, which said, “The Navy follows the lawful orders of the president. We will do so in case of an order to stop the administrative review of SOC Gallagher’s professional qualification. We are aware of the president’s tweet, and we are awaiting further guidance.”

… Gallagher, 40, was charged in 2018 for war crimes while deployed in 2017 to Iraq. Following a high-profile trial, he was found not guilty of murdering an injured ISIS fighter and of shooting at civilians. He was convicted of posing for a picture with the dead ISIS fighter. As a result, he was reduced in rank from chief petty officer to petty officer. Last week, President Trump restored Gallagher’s rank, but the Naval Special Warfare Commander, Rear Adm. Collin Green, countered with announcing he would review Gallagher’s Trident.

Trump has intervened on Gallagher’s behalf several times throughout his case, while Navy leaders have continued to pursue disciplinary action against him. Trump first intervened in Gallagher’s case prior to his trial, when he ordered him to be removed from the Navy’s brig in August. When members of the Navy’s prosecution team were awarded medals for their work despite losing the case, he had the awards rescinded.
Source: WashingtonExaminer

Why was Gallagher acquitted?

For one thing, someone else admitted to being the one who killed the guy. For another, the Prosecution was shady as hell.

On Thursday, the prosecution’s star witness, medic Navy SEAL Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, shocked the courtroom by admitting that he was the one who killed a wounded Islamic State in Iraq and Syria fighter, not Gallagher, as he is accused of doing.

According to NBC News, defense attorney Tim Parlatore asked Scott during cross-examination, “How did you do it?”

Scott responded, “I put my thumb over his tube until he stopped breathing.” Parlatore asked, “Did you suffocate him?” Scott responded, “Yes.”

“Did Chief Gallagher kill the terrorist?” Parlatore asked. “No,” Scott responded.

When pressed why he never admitted doing it before, Scott reportedly said he was never asked.

…Several weeks ago, the judge, Navy Capt. Aaron Rugh, dismissed the lead prosecutor in the case, Navy Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak, after he sent defense attorneys and Prine emails with tracking software, which the defense successfully argued was akin to warrantless surveillance and violated Gallagher’s constitutional rights. The Marine Corps also pulled a deputy prosecutor from the case.
Source: Breitbart

Navy SEAL Found NOT Guilty Of Killing ISIS Terrorist